Kate Winslet's more risqué roles

Article: Kate Winslet's more risqué roles

QUILLS, which you can watch tomorrow at 8P, got us thinking about Kate Winslet’s boobs. Hear us out. As an actor, Winslet seems impressively un-vain and unself-conscious about her body. Now you might say, “Not too difficult a feat when you’re as beautiful as she is!” True…but then again, it’s not like she measures up to Hollywood’s super skinny, zero-fat, perfectly toned, silicone ideal. In fact, she often calls out the media for trying to cram her into that impossible mold: in 2003 she reprimanded British GQ for the hack job they did on her legs for a cover story, saying “The retouching is excessive… I do not look like that and, more importantly, I don’t desire to look like that.” Similarly, she’s unafraid to take on roles that cast her in fairly unflattering lights, at least by today’s cultural standards: think body hair, aging, questionable morality, and really inappropriate sex. And while she’s often exposed physically, the nudity isn’t gratuitous, it’s part of the story, exposing emotion and tension at the same time — because with Winslet’s characters, nudity is inextricably bound to both the power and vulnerability of complicated sexuality. And that’s why all her sex scenes and on-screen sexual relationships feel so authentic. Just take a look at some of her most sexually provocative roles — you’ll see more than bare skin: