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ICONOCLASTS: Funny people Judd Apatow + Lena Dunham

Article: ICONOCLASTS: Funny people Judd Apatow + Lena Dunham

On this week’s ICONOCLASTS — tonight at 8P on Sundance Channel — we get to listen in as two of the most painfully, hilariously honest artists creating movies and TV today talk about the love (your work) letter that brought them together.

ICONOCLASTS is back! Highly anticipated sixth season premieres October 9

Article: ICONOCLASTS is back! Highly anticipated sixth season premieres October 9

Sundance Channel and Grey Goose Entertainment are set to debut the highly anticipated sixth season of the critically acclaimed series ICONOCLASTS on Tuesday, October 9 at 8P. Each half-hour episode of the innovative six-part series, which will air on Sundance Channel, pairs two visionaries who come together to discuss their lives, influences, passions and creative processes.

Top Ten: Tweeting Power Couples

Article: Top Ten: Tweeting Power Couples

If you thought Judd Apatow produced some pretty funny movies, wait until you see the father-daughter Twitter banter he and his offspring Maude get up to in their spare time. Catch up on the most hilarious pairings in the Twitterverse and check out the top tweeps who are teaming up to blow out the re-tweet factor.

First things first, what Twitter-team stream is complete without a few furry friends? Read on to get the scoop…

My hopes for HBO's "Girls"

Article: My hopes for HBO's "Girls"

HBO’s teaser trailer for Lena Dunham’s upcoming series Girls proves that everybody on television is having sex.

If that sounds too broad for you, let me put it another way—every girl on television and living in New York City is having sex. It might not be attractive or pretty or without use of the word ‘lube,’ but it’s something that is happening. In fact, it’s probably better television fare if it’s kind of gross. Gritty and unattractive are the new ‘honest’—like Kristen Wiig’s sex scene in BRIDESMAIDS or all the dark jokes in 2 Broke Girls. Sex has returned to its rightful place in the bottom of the gutter, and most female-centric comedies this season aren’t afraid to lay in it. It’s clear that the Sex and The City look-at-all-of-my-pretty-shoes-Lady is dead, only to be replaced by a vintage dress-wearing version who can’t stop rolling her eyes. She’s your new girl of the moment, and she’s certainly prevalent in Girls. She’s poor. She’s in charge of her sexual prowess but barely in charge of everything else, including her flailing limbs. No, I’m kidding, she’s not really in charge of anything because he’s not calling her back.

The Apatow boys bro it out again in FUNNY PEOPLE

Article: The Apatow boys bro it out again in FUNNY PEOPLE

How many ways can men bond? They can bond over the effort of getting their friend laid (40 YEAR-OLD VIRGIN), or they can alternatively support and ridicule their friend as he struggles to do the right thing (KNOCKED UP), or they can fetch them diet cokes, cup their balls, and sit at their bedside while they fall asleep as in FUNNY PEOPLE. It’s been out for awhile now and I wasn’t compelled to see it until it was 90 degrees out yesterday and I sought the respite only an air-conditioned movie theater can provide, but I’m kind of glad I did. It stars Adam Sandler as George Simmons, an Adam Sandler-like comedian: middle-aged, ex-stand up comic earning an ample income making pandering comedies, and Seth Rogen as Ira, a struggling comic hired to be Simmons’ assistant. The pair develop that love/hate bro-relationship Apatow does so well, at one moment patting each other on the back and the next making fun of each other’s penis size.

Judd Apatow and Mike Leigh Had a Baby, Her Name is HUMPDAY

Article: Judd Apatow and Mike Leigh Had a Baby, Her Name is HUMPDAY

Humpday HUMPDAY turns out to be what I’d hoped–funny and a bit more. For me, anyway, this buddy film about two straight guys who decide (almost inexplicably) to star in their own gay porn film was kind of a small version of Judd Apatow and Mike Leigh having a baby. This film by Lynn Shelton…