Joshua SIlver

AdSpecs, the $19 miracle

Article: AdSpecs, the $19 miracle

AdSpecs, the glasses that use water to improve vision
Over half a billion people in the developing world need glasses, but either don’t have access to eye care or can’t afford it, as is most often the case. And even if donors put up enough money to provide eyeglasses for everyone who needs them, there simply aren’t enough trained optometrists to handle prescriptions properly. To tackle this problem, UK physicist Joshua Silver invented a pair of self-refractive eyeglasses that enable wearer to adjust the prescription themselves in 1996. It wasn’t until Silver developed a better version in 2007 that he started to get media attention and created Global Vision 2020, a realistic plan for global distribution of his AdSpecs.

Why Design Now?

Article: Why Design Now?

“Why Design Now?”, the latest exhibition at Cooper Hewitt, poses a pretty silly question. I can’t think of a single reason not to design now or ever, for that matter. But if there are any skeptics out there, the plethora of good ideas and amazing, major-problem solving solutions in the form of everything from product design to community planning will surely shut them up.

The invisible streetlight wraps around branches, integrating itself into the surrounding environment.