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2008 Film Festival Awards

Article: 2008 Film Festival Awards

The 2008 Sundance Film Festival ended today with the Awards Ceremony. Staying true to this year’s theme “Film Takes Place,” the Festival honored films situated in distinct locales. From the Katrina-ravaged New Orleans of TROUBLE THE WATER to the war-ravaged Congo of THE GREATEST SILENCE: RAPE IN THE CONGO the documentary competition proved once again that poverty knows no borders, and that local history can be as devastating to people’s lives as the global struggles that cover the front pages.

Unlimited Resources?

Article: Unlimited Resources?

For 25 minutes on Friday night, the lights of Park City’s main street went out. A circuit breaker problem sent nearly 1,400 people out of downtown restaurants, bars, parties and boutiques into the already crowded street. People used the glow of their cell phones and blackberries to navigate their way through dark hallways and back stair wells. In the end, the power came back up – neon bar lights went aglow, stereo speakers refilled with music, and the party went on. And while no filmmakers were hurt during the making of this power outage, the incident provided a reminder of how easily our energy comes – and goes…

2008 Sundance Documentary Competition

Article: 2008 Sundance Documentary Competition

These films represent a broad section of new documentaries by American independent filmmakers. From examinations of the American political system and the country’s use of natural resources to explorations of cultural development and intimate portraits of legendary artists, these films represent a thematic and artistic variety. This year’s 16 films were selected from a record 953 submissions. Each film is a world premiere.

The films screening in Documentary Competition are…