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Weekly movie trailer roundup: Worst poster edition

Article: Weekly movie trailer roundup: Worst poster edition

New movie trailers were a little slim this week, so what I bring you instead are four of the worst new movie posters. Let’s start with my favorite, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: GHOST PROTOCOL. This isn’t the main poster, but one of a series featuring an image of each supporting character with the same slogan, only with Paula Patton here dressed up like a prom queen, the slogan “No Plan, No Backup, No Choice” reads more like an ad for birth control you might see in Planned Parenthood.

MONEYBALL: Can sports neophytes like this film?

Article: MONEYBALL: Can sports neophytes like this film?

Are you about to saunter leisurely into this Bennett Miller blockbuster, as thousands of Americans have done already? Should you have even an ounce of baseball knowledge before seeing a film about baseball strategy? Well, maybe. It ain’t ANY GIVEN SUNDAY (Oliver Stone, 1999), a family drama that requires only the most basic understanding of football. MONEYBALL is slightly different. Watching Brad Pitt act his heart out as Billy Beane, the manager of the Oakland A’s, is much more satisfying if you understand how and why players are traded and the ingrained culture that preceded Beane and his Assistant GM’s innovative method for evaluating undervalued players. But are there other factors at work to keep you engaged just in case you’re a baseball-ignorant heathen? Yes…

Friday movie trailer roundup

Article: Friday movie trailer roundup

We Need to Talk About Kevin Bande-annonce by toutlecine

It’s pretty much the weekend, one of three remaining August weekends before we hit Labor Day and move into Fall, I might add, so it’s time to start wrapping up our summer movie to-see lists and look ahead at what’s coming next. Out of the latest batch of recently released trailers I noticed a trend towards parenting movies, and while these three films all involve adults raising children, they couldn’t be less alike.

CYRUS – Now in theaters

Article: CYRUS – Now in theaters

Molly (Marisa Tomei) meets John (John C. Reilly) when she stumbles upon him peeing in the backyard at a party. She’s more amused than shocked, adding that she herself was about to squat in the bushes for a pee, and so their charmingly awkward, middle-aged romance begins. Neither Molly nor John have been in a relationship since their respective divorces; John’s was 7 years ago with ex-wife Jamie (Catherine Keener) and Molly hasn’t seen anyone since her first husband split when she gave birth to their son, Cyrus, who’s now 21 and living at home.



In Mark’s (Ricky Gervais) world, people are genetically incapable of lying, and since no one lies, no one is suspicious or questions anything. If you told these people you were freezing when you just meant you were cold they would take you literally. Same thing goes for Santa and the Tooth Fairy. Basically everyone operates…

The Apatow boys bro it out again in FUNNY PEOPLE

Article: The Apatow boys bro it out again in FUNNY PEOPLE

How many ways can men bond? They can bond over the effort of getting their friend laid (40 YEAR-OLD VIRGIN), or they can alternatively support and ridicule their friend as he struggles to do the right thing (KNOCKED UP), or they can fetch them diet cokes, cup their balls, and sit at their bedside while they fall asleep as in FUNNY PEOPLE. It’s been out for awhile now and I wasn’t compelled to see it until it was 90 degrees out yesterday and I sought the respite only an air-conditioned movie theater can provide, but I’m kind of glad I did. It stars Adam Sandler as George Simmons, an Adam Sandler-like comedian: middle-aged, ex-stand up comic earning an ample income making pandering comedies, and Seth Rogen as Ira, a struggling comic hired to be Simmons’ assistant. The pair develop that love/hate bro-relationship Apatow does so well, at one moment patting each other on the back and the next making fun of each other’s penis size.