Joey Arias

Skeletor in New York

Article: Skeletor in New York

The charity art show I am curating, Skeletor Saves, is this Thursday in NYC from 6-10. What started off as a crazy little idea has ballooned into an event of monstrous size! We could not be more thrilled. We took an 80s cartoon icon, He-Man, and built a star-studded celebrity art show around him and his Masters of the Universe.

Some heavy hitters are involved. Designer Marc Jacobs has sketched some characters for the show. Helmut Lang’s submission is modern and the opposite of He-Man’s over-the-top imagery. Porn stars Francois Sagat and Buck Angel turned artists for the event. Add other notable gays to the mix-Casey Spooner, Joey Arias, Raja from RuPaul’s Drag Race- and you have a show that NY Magazine calls “Brilliant/Highbrow.”

A Strange Fruit – Joey Arias

Article: A Strange Fruit – Joey Arias

Joey Arias is a rare bird. A strange fruit. And they don’t exist like this anymore. They broke the mold many, many years ago. Joey’s had a storied career. He ran around town with Warhol. Lived with Klaus Nomi. Performed with David Bowie on SNL. And then he embraced drag and started channeling Billie Holiday.…

Raven O's one night stand

Article: Raven O's one night stand

I throw the word legendary and iconic around loosely I know. But I really do think there are many, many talents in this world. And I think that if one is a legend or an icon, even among a small circle, then they’re worthy of praise. Inspiration is inspiration, simply put. One such icon, one…