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12 Stars You Had No Idea Appeared on “Law & Order”

Article: 12 Stars You Had No Idea Appeared on “Law & Order”

Author: Nina Hämmerling Smith Plenty of big-name stars sank their teeth into juicy guest roles on Law & Order over its 20 seasons of case-busting and legal maneuvering. (Julia Roberts, Chevy Chase and Sharon Stone among them.) But it’s a truth all New York theater actors know that the series was often a very early…

Friday movie trailer roundup

Article: Friday movie trailer roundup

We Need to Talk About Kevin Bande-annonce by toutlecine

It’s pretty much the weekend, one of three remaining August weekends before we hit Labor Day and move into Fall, I might add, so it’s time to start wrapping up our summer movie to-see lists and look ahead at what’s coming next. Out of the latest batch of recently released trailers I noticed a trend towards parenting movies, and while these three films all involve adults raising children, they couldn’t be less alike.



In Mark’s (Ricky Gervais) world, people are genetically incapable of lying, and since no one lies, no one is suspicious or questions anything. If you told these people you were freezing when you just meant you were cold they would take you literally. Same thing goes for Santa and the Tooth Fairy. Basically everyone operates…