Jean Paul Gaultier

Sundance Channel and Joe Zee expose society’s fixation with beauty

Article: Sundance Channel and Joe Zee expose society’s fixation with beauty

Sundance Channel takes a deep look at the worldwide fascination with beauty in the second of four all-new specials hosted by ELLE Creative Director Joe Zee, REVEALING: FACE VALUE, airing Wednesday, December 4th at 9 pm ET/PT. Continuing his hard hitting investigation into the world of glamour, Zee uncovers both the allure and danger of the obsession with looking good. Through compelling social experiments and in-depth interviews with beauty industry insiders, Zee dives into the beauty industry and how it has exploded in recent years.

Who Cannes? Gaultier Cannes.

Article: Who Cannes? Gaultier Cannes.

John Paul Gaultier’s name has been associated with the Cannes Film Festival for over thirty years. Women, and of course certain men, have served as glorified mannequins donning his fantastic take on French chic as they grace red carpet premieres and after parties in his latest designs. But to some the decision to name Gaultier as a judge in this year’s jury panel caused confusion. Clearly these people are not familiar with the way artists across mediums have been collaborating throughout history (congrats AMOUR, btw).

The relaunch of FULL FRONTAL FASHION September 9

Article: The relaunch of FULL FRONTAL FASHION September 9

We are pleased to announce that beginning September 9, Sundance Channel will be re-invigorating the critically-acclaimed FULL FRONTAL FASHION franchise. Highlights of the launch will include a content-packed website here on which will develop into a stand-alone website by spring 2010. Timed to launch in conjunction with New York Fashion Week, the new site…

Where's my couture?

Article: Where's my couture?

The Fall 2009 couture collections have been surprisingly wearable, which is probably a good road to take for sales-minded designers, but not as much for me. When it comes to couture, the crazier the better. On that note I’d like to applaud Jean Paul Gaultier for being possibly the only designer to send some wonderfully unwearable stuff down the runway. Drawing inspiration from Hollywood from Bardot to Barbarella with a healthy dose of sci-fi corsetry, it was also one of the few shows that looked as if the designer was having fun.