JD Salinger

Never-before-seen photo of J.D. Salinger

Article: Never-before-seen photo of J.D. Salinger

There’s nothing phony about this photo. What you’re seeing above is a never-before-seen photo of a 49-year-old J.D. Salinger taken in April 1968. This photograph was recently posted on Newsweek’s website: He was recently divorced, and three years into the seclusion that would span the last 45 years of his life. He has bags under…

Covers of J.D. Salinger

Article: Covers of J.D. Salinger

One blogger collected over 20 different covers to recently deceased author J.D. Salinger’s influential book “Catcher in the Rye.” It’s interesting to see the wide ranging approach designer took in coming up with covers in re-issues of this seminal book. In addition, The New Yorker opened their archives, typically available only to paying subscribers, so…