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6 Questions with “RECTIFY” Star Jake Austin Walker (Jared Talbot)

Article: 6 Questions with “RECTIFY” Star Jake Austin Walker (Jared Talbot)

Jake Austin Walker, who plays Daniel’s spunky, sympathetic younger half-brother Jared Talbot, talks about the family dynamics on the show (and behind the scenes), his own experience with bullying and when we can hear his next single (he’s really good!).

Q: Jared’s fascination with his half-brother’s case is touching, but it also freaks out Daniel (Aden Young). Did you really have a file of information about the case that you studied?

A: Oh, yeah–on the day that Aden shot that scene, they asked me about the folder and what I wanted in it; it’s real. Jared researched it, like a comic book or a movie he just can’t get enough of. Personally I think he raided the basement of their house and got all the old newspaper clippings from the case that his mother had hidden to try to put the bad memories away.

Q: Does having siblings in real life help you tap into the dynamics with your half-siblings on Rectify?

Jared’s Blog: Benjamin Franklin Essay

Article: Jared’s Blog: Benjamin Franklin Essay

Benjamin Franklin once wrote: “The idle man is the miserable man.” Personally, I wonder if Franklin even knew that many idle people, because he was so busy inventing libraries and glasses and dime stores, when would he have even had time to chill with anyone, idle or otherwise?

Jared’s Blog: Shakespeare Essay

Article: Jared’s Blog: Shakespeare Essay

I heard in homeroom that this week’s essay prompt was going to be some Shakespeare thing, and I thought for sure it was going to be some boring-ass “how now are we all to proceed hither blah blah blah,” but nope, it’s actually pretty short and sweet: “There is no darkness but ignorance.”

Jared’s Blog: Makeup Essay

Article: Jared’s Blog: Makeup Essay

So all the juniors at my high school got their SAT scores back last month, and everyone is freaking out because they mostly all failed the essay section. I mean, I’m not sure exactly how they score them, but I heard the highest score in the whole school was a six, and that seems kinda low, right? Anyway, the PTA had this big meeting about "preparing our students for the future," and now all the students at my school have to write a practice SAT essay every week, based on a quote. Except the Comp Sci teacher, Mr. Crane, told the PTA that being comfortable in an online environment was an important job skill and now the practice essay is a "blog post," and I have to write this on my computer in my room when I would much rather be at the hospital with my family, waiting to see if my brother is going to be okay, and honestly, I don't see the point.