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Scary hot boys and just plain scary – what's playing this week on Sundance

Article: Scary hot boys and just plain scary – what's playing this week on Sundance

We’ve got another great week of films on Sundance Channel, but before I let you in on the highlights I have to put in a word about tonight’s episode of “My So Called Life.” Let me preface this by saying I came to the show late in life, as in, I was already an adult by the time I met Angela, Rayanne, Rickie and Jordan Catalano, and so I was able to judge Jordan’s brain dead gaze as just that – brain dead  – and wasn’t swayed by how my teenage hormones might have reacted to the oh-so-pretty face and soft brown waves concealing a mind completely devoid of thought – and, apparently, the ability to read. Which bring us to tonight’s episode, “Why Jordan Can’t Read.” It’s maybe one the strangest high school issues to tackle (more popular topics being the ongoing teenage battle against acne and dating). Is illiteracy really an issue that late in the game? Moreover, it’s not clear at the end of the show whether or not anyone is going to help the kid out and teach him his ABC’s. I mean, what’s Angela going to do when Jordan takes her on a date to a fancy restaurant – read him all the items on the menu? Oh wait, that’s right. They don’t go on dates; They just make out all over school. Sigh, remember when…

My So-Called Awkward Moments

Article: My So-Called Awkward Moments

Let’s travel back to a time when teen torment and shame didn’t take place on social networks like Twitter and Facebook and My(so-called)space. Ah yes — the apathetic/angsty 90s.

MY SO-CALLED LIFE premieres on Sundance Channel on Monday at 11p, and we’ve collected a few of the painfully awesome scenes that make the show so great.

MY SO-CALLED LIFE – Coming to Sundance Channel!

Article: MY SO-CALLED LIFE – Coming to Sundance Channel!

SUNDANCE CHANNEL ACQUIRES CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED FAN FAVORITE ‘MY SO-CALLED LIFE’ New York, April 7, 2011 – Sundance Channel has announced that it has acquired the iconic series MY SO-CALLED LIFE from Disney-ABC Domestic Television, premiering on April 25 at 11PM ET/PT.  The one-hour series broke new ground when it launched in 1994 by following a group…