Images of destruction: Hiroshima 64 years later

Article: Images of destruction: Hiroshima 64 years later

Last week Design Observer republished an online slideshow of photographs, 100 in all, of the destruction left after the bombing of Hiroshima. The gallery originally appeared last November and I missed seeing them then. They’ve resurfaced to commemorate the 64th anniversary of the bombing. The images are haunting. They show the destruction of a city wiped…

Videos of total solar eclipse

Article: Videos of total solar eclipse

Every now and then earth gets a little lonely, but on Tuesday this week people in Asia were able to turn around (with protected eyes) and view a total solar eclipse. Huffington Post collected some video recordings of this total solar eclipse, the longest of the twenty-first century. I found this video from Iwo Jima,…

Talk dirty to me–in Japanese.

Article: Talk dirty to me–in Japanese.

Is your pillow talk growing stale? Do you long for some new phrases to spice up your conversations between the sheets? Why not add a little Japanese flavor to your carnal acts?

Amazing Tokyo time-lapse

Article: Amazing Tokyo time-lapse

In this gorgeous ad for the watch company Citizen, buildings implode and explode, lights dance in complex arrays, and shadows engulf entire parks. The ad was created by the Japanese agency WOW for a watch- and jewelry-industry trade show called Baselworld.

Wolf vs. Pig

Article: Wolf vs. Pig

Coming to us via Japan, this little piggy runs away from a wolf who loves pork in an incredible and fun must-watch video that combines photography with stop-motion animation. [Via]

Meet Maru, the Japanese LOLCat

Article: Meet Maru, the Japanese LOLCat

Maru, a Japanese pet cat with a personality to match his paunchy size, has become a feline phenomenon on the Interwebs with legions of fans and millions of views of his antics on YouTube. Furthermore, he is also the recipient of a 2008 YouTube video award. Why? Among other zany tendencies (like walking around with…

Jero the enka star

Article: Jero the enka star

Jero aka Jerome Wright Jr, 27, is an African American singer from Pennsylvania who won the Best New Artist award at the Japan Record Awards show, the Japanese version of the Grammys. His style is “a melodramatic genre of Japanese music called enka” a form typically more popular with older generations. Jero was first exposed…