Jan Lauwers

The Deer House – weirdest play of the year?

Article: The Deer House – weirdest play of the year?

If there was an Obie for Weirdest Play of the Year, “The Deer House” would win hands down. Watching it is an experience that’s almost impossible to describe, but imagine Matthew Barney in a Nordic prop warehouse surrounded by a bevy of naked dancers, who are all on drugs sent down to Earth from an alien spacecraft. Those naked dancers are under the direction of Jan Lauwers at Needcompany, a Brussels-based theatrical group he founded with Grace Ellen Barkey, who also stars in the play. “The Deer House” – the final installment of the Sad Face/Happy Face trilogy – came about when one of the dancers in the company found out her brother, a war reporter, had been killed in Kosovo; The news was broken to her in the dressing room, which serves as the opening scene.