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Guess the celebrity casual sex quote

Article: Guess the celebrity casual sex quote

Most of the time when celebrities are interviewed, they blab on about how talented the director was or what their craft means to them (yawn). But every now and then they’ll open up about something a little more racy. See if you can match up the following celebrities to their quotes about casual sex. (Scroll down to the bottom for the answer key.)



Well, this is certainly random. But the last two movies I’ve seen: Duncan Jones’ SOURCE CODE and Abbas Kiarostami’s CERTIFIED COPY have more in common than at first meets the eye. Maybe in reality this correlation should only speak to my slightly diverse movie-going habits – big budget to small budget, American thriller to Iranian-directed drama – and the human need to draw lines between things. Nonetheless, back to back, both of these films engage with the notion that a copy or version of the self, if sent forward into the world or a parallel world, will behave differently and respond to different stimuli than would original ‘self’ (see how I’m getting all meta here with the single quotation marks?), and thus render strikingly different results for one’s life path. Characters from both films accomplish this. Cool, right?



BROTHERS, Jim Sheridan’s remake of the 2004 Swedish film, pits Sam (Tobey Maguire), the overachieving war hero against his brother Tommy (Jake Gyllenhaal), a shiftless ex-con. Driven to these extremes by their angry, alcoholic father (Sam Shepard), the two appear to have never really gotten along, and now with Sam’s wife Grace (Natalie Portman) thrown into the mix, they have something else to fight over.