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Heeeere’s Jack … 11 Great Jack Nicholson Movies

Article: Heeeere’s Jack … 11 Great Jack Nicholson Movies

A-list actor Jack Nicholson has racked up Oscar wins and nominations for his anti-hero roles in movies from the 1960s to the 2000s–in fact, he’s the most-nominated male actor in Oscar history. As an added bonus, the 11 movies he starred in below are all in “1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die.” Who’s got the popcorn ready?

Top 10 differences between the Gothams of Nolan and Burton

Article: Top 10 differences between the Gothams of Nolan and Burton

Photo credit: Flickr: Stefan the Cameraman

Amazingly, Bruce Wayne has donned his Batsuit for the seventh time in a little over 20 years. The role of Batman has become a nouveau-James Bond of sorts, with a grand total of 4 actors portraying him thus far, in films directed by three different men. When the original BATMAN came out in 1989, comic book and superhero films were far from guaranteed successes, since effects and makeup hadn’t quite risen to the standards of what the deliriously imaginative comic creators could come up with. Nevertheless, Tim Burton’s BATMAN was a commercial and (mostly) critical success, enough to ensure delivery of the arguably better sequel BATMAN RETURNS three years later. Fast-forward (remember that?) to 2005, and MEMENTO director Christopher Nolan resuscitated the franchise with the much darker — and more realistic — BATMAN BEGINS, which in turn was also followed by a superior sequel, THE DARK KNIGHT. Pretty much across the board, the newer Batman films are considered to be the most relevant and successful, but there remains a small and embattled contingent of film fans who actively miss the old days of (pre-SLEEPY HOLLOW) Tim Burton.

LIFE: Classic Oscar photos

Article: LIFE: Classic Oscar photos

Browse through LIFE’s online archives of “Classic Oscar Photos” the 1970s and the 80s. From 1976 is the above red carpet photo of the always cool Jack Nicholson with Anjelica Huston. Nicholson won Best Actor for ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST that year while proving that one can indeed pull off a beret and…