Art Buzz: Getty's massive LA art project & Tokyo's squished subway riders

Article: Art Buzz: Getty's massive LA art project & Tokyo's squished subway riders

Pacific Standard Time: “Pacific Standard Time,” the Getty-funded series of exhibitions throughout LA county, draws together tons of museums, private galleries, homes and commercial spaces in a crazy, semi-random celebration of creativity. There’s literally no way you’ll get to all of the featured exhibits, but Angelenos should try and swing through a handful this week…

John Turturro's PASSIONE for Naples

Article: John Turturro's PASSIONE for Naples

Filmmaker John Turturro on the set of PASSIONE.
Photo credit: Iole Capasso / Squeezed Heart Productions.
John Turturro’s latest film PASSIONE opens on Wednesday June 22nd at the Film Forum in New York. The film, his fourth as a director (MAC, ILLUMINATA, ROMANCE AND CIGARETTES), is a “musical adventure” through the beautiful, mysterious, and often misunderstood city of Naples. With 23 songs performed by Napoli’s contemporary musical artists, Turturro and cinematographer Marco Pontevecchio create a visual representation of the history, emotion, and perseverance captured in the city’s music. Sundance Channel met with Turturro to discuss the film, his musical influences, and his love for the city of Naples.

What is PASSIONE and how did you become involved with the film?

It’s a musical adventure through Napoli. And you see various aspects of Napoli through songs that we chose, through the thousands of songs to choose from, and there are many great artists and songs that are not represented. So we were trying to find something that would have a balance like when you write a symphony. You have something legato, something very strong, something that builds. We wanted to have a balance of the old and the new.

(Producers) Carlo Macchitella and Alessandra Acciai invited me to make a BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB from Napoli. I realized it’s not a Communist country, it’s not about a band reuniting, and also because of the longevity of (Naples’) music history it would be interesting to maybe explore various aspects of it because it’s such a complex city. So we didn’t know if it would be a documentary…they wanted different singers…they wanted some old footage. They had made some documentaries for (Italian television company) RAI, five hour versions, and Federico Vacalebre is a musicologist and co-author. He’s a journalist, he introduced me to a lot of music and different arrangements of songs I was interested in, and I thought it would be great to have living artists connected to some of the artists of the past.

Vimeo of the Week: Under the Lucan Sun

Article: Vimeo of the Week: Under the Lucan Sun

Under the Lucan Sun from Leonardo Dalessandri on Vimeo. Under the Lucan Sun is a film by Leonardo Dallessandri that captures visual snapshots of the architecture, people and nature of a small Italian town. It’s both creepy and beautiful. In a few short minutes mood is established and you’re longing to know more about the…

Live underground

Article: Live underground

Built with the green hermit in mind, The Underhill House, designed by Materica Studio, is the latest in energy independent, zero impact houses. Essentially a house lowered right into the ground, every square foot taken out of the earth for the house is recompensed with a green roof, garden and growth on perimeter walls. Those craving privacy will appreciate the total lack of windows on the house’s perimeter, made up for with two inner courtyards that allow you to enjoy the sun and outdoors away from neighboring eyes.

An artist's salute to Italian bankers

Article: An artist's salute to Italian bankers

Self-taught, provocative artist Maurizio Cattelan’s sculpture titled “L.O.V.E” recently arrived and was installed in front of the Italian stock exchange in Milan. The artist donated it as a gift to the city, which politely refused it. However, it will be on display for 10 days. View more photos, including its unveiling at DesignBoom.

Italy's Greensburg, Kansas

Article: Italy's Greensburg, Kansas

While Greensburg, Kansas may have fallen off the media radar just a bit, the Midwestern town’s determination to rebuild green after an EF5 tornado leveled it in 2007 still provides a lot of inspiration. While I can’t say it for certain, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find out that Greensburg’s vision provided a model for the tiny village of Pescomaggiore, Italy.