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The month of February was really remarkable over at my day job We partnered with gay youth charities GLSEN, The Trevor Project, and It Gets Better Campaign to give a dollar for every new user we signed up. We raised thousands! The video above we made at our office. The concept was to be…

An interview with Born This Way's Paul V.

Article: An interview with Born This Way's Paul V.

A submission on Born This Way
I had the chance to ask the man behind my new favorite blog, Born This Way, some questions.

Who the heck are you?
My name is Paul V. (aka DJ Paul V.), from Los Angeles. I’m a longtime club and radio DJ, music reviews writer, and general music biz “Promosexual.” You could also say I’m a bit of a Facebook activist and outspoken mouthpiece for gay rights and equality. Also, “Born This Way” is my first ever official blog.