Oded Ezer's expressive Hebrew typography

Article: Oded Ezer's expressive Hebrew typography

Ever marvel at how a particular font can totally change the tone or meaning of your text? You’d never write, say, an academic research paper in Comic Sans (see “I’m Comic-Sans, Asshole,” for a strong rebuttal) because it would make your thesis seem flaky or unserious. Nor would you choose Cooper Black (a big, bulky typeface) for a casual e-mail to your boss, lest he or she think you were trying to outmuscle them…

A thousand naked people floating in the Dead Sea

Article: A thousand naked people floating in the Dead Sea

Many things in life are best enjoyed in small doses: a glass of red wine at dinner, or a twenty-minute power nap. When it comes to full-frontal nudity, however, artist Spencer Tunick is guided by a “more is more” philosophy. Honestly, who cares about one clammy pale butt when you could feast your eyes on thousands?

So last week, Tunick convinced over a thousand people to strip down and float buck-nakey in the Dead Sea, creating one of the most bizarre, un-Photoshopped images I’ve encountered in awhile. Apparently, the project was meant to draw attention to Israel’s efforts to have the salt-saturated sea – which geologists predict will dry up by 2050 – recognized as a natural wonder of the world.

I, a Jew, will miss Helen Thomas

Article: I, a Jew, will miss Helen Thomas

Helen Thomas — You will be missed… If only by me. OOooof… what a week! I got my ass chewed out on Facebook for saying I would miss Helen Thomas… Okay. Half of what she said was pretty indefensible (I am of the mind that Israelis should, indeed, stop building on settlements. However, I do…