Watch some Irish movies this St. Patrick's Day

Article: Watch some Irish movies this St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Saturday this year (which means I won’t have jump over any drunk teenagers to get to work in Manhattan). I’m not sure what you’ve got planned, but I’m guessing it involves booze, unlike how they celebrate it in Ireland…with church, tea and maybe booze. I tend to stay indoors every March 17th. The world just isn’t safe for red headed ladies to roam the streets on St. Patrick’s day. Instead, I’ll be watching some of my favorite Irish films. Right after I watch this awesome Guinness commercial celebrating the genteel world of dog herding (again) and right before I don’t buy Nike’s new sneakers terrorized Irish civilians.

10 feet tall drunk puppet

Article: 10 feet tall drunk puppet

I’m fascinated by this gigantic inebriated puppet named “Arthur” who roams around the streets of Dromore West, Ireland drunkenly accosting people in the streets.