Worst of Kickstarter

Article: Worst of Kickstarter

The whole point of these Picks is to keep you up to date about new Kickstarter projects that truly deserve your donations, but this last week the good stuff was hard to come by. I don’t know if the Kickstarter crew is on vacay or what, but some major duds definitely slipped through the cracks. Take the $5 minimum donation for these and treat your landlord to a beer, or, hell, just drop the money on the street. Whoever picks it up is more likely to put it to good use. And with that, I give you this week’s worst.

Our weekly Kickstarter Picks

Article: Our weekly Kickstarter Picks

It’s no secret that Kickstarter is pretty much a godsend for enterprising musicians, filmmakers, designers and anyone with a good idea and no money. It’s been around since 2009, but in the last two years it’s rapidly become the go-to place for the capital deficient to pitch their project to those with even just $5 to invest. That may not sound like a lot, and yeah, it’s not on its own, but consider this: of the 1,203 people who backed the +Pool (the plus-sign-shaped floating pool in NYC), 559 of them pledged only $5. That adds up to just under $3,000 – pretty good for a fiver.

Now it seems like everyone is pitching their idea to Kickstarter. We think that’s great, but with great power comes great responsibility, and while the 23-person Kickstarter team does their best to filter out the winning projects from the thousands and thousands of proposals they receive, there are still literally tens of thousands of new projects that launch each week. That’s a lot of ways to spend your hard-earned five bucks. Too many ways, actually. How can one person sort through it all? Relax, we’ll do it all for you, starting right now (and every Monday) with this week’s Kickstarter Picks. And while there are a ton of investment-worthy ideas out there we don’t want to bombard you, so this week we’ve chosen two editor-approved projects we can really get behind.

Unexpected inventions from unexpected people

Article: Unexpected inventions from unexpected people

Neatorama has a fascinating round up titled “unexpected inventions from unexpected people,” like did you know Henry David Thoreau invented raisin bread and that you can thank Margaret Thatcher for soft serve ice cream? Henry David Thoreau, of all people, invented raisin bread when he tossed a handful into the dough he was baking while…

Notable Organization: Slow Food

Article: Notable Organization: Slow Food

Fast food is one of those inventions that makes America infamous. The model of fast food has gone almost everywhere by now, including vegetarian India, where a McDonald’s that does not serve meat just opened. On another note, can you really call it McDonalds if the menu lacks an entry for a Big Mac dripping…