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New work at ICP

Article: New work at ICP

ICP’s Winter/Spring line up: Paris when it sizzles, when it fizzles and the all-American beefcake.

It’s been over a year of fashion photography at the International Center of Photography, but starting tomorrow a fresh batch of exhibitions will call ICP their home, at least until May. But just as last year’s rotating collections of fashion photos came with a guaranteed audience, this next lineup indicates that ICP is playing it safe, yet again, with archival Parisian photography and mostly stylish, mostly good-looking 50s-era men and women, with some modern architecture thrown in for balance.

Getting the Picture

Article: Getting the Picture

The growing role of the evangelical right in the American political landscape has raised many questions from the rest of us. A culture, faith and politic that are at great odds with much of the majority have risen to power and entered the mainstream in recent years, as depicted most profoundly by the two-term presidency…