Best places to be gay around the world (photos)

Article: Best places to be gay around the world (photos)

The Gay Rights movement has seen many successes and setbacks over the past twelve months. Sometimes events played out like a romcom, other times like a post-apocalyptic battle for the survival of the entire community. Good or bad, gay pride events around the world were rejuvenated with a political kick that upped the ante for parade goers. Stateside, same-sex wedded couples marched side by side with our nation’s openly gay servicemen and women now that DADT is repealed. Read on to see how Pride went down across the globe:

Naked news: Feeling frisky? Don't go to Hong Kong

Article: Naked news: Feeling frisky? Don't go to Hong Kong

Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0
So this week we learned that if you were born horny you should not go to Hong Kong, you should not stop carrying condoms for fear of police confiscation, and you should not assume that by “you” we mean either “he” or “she.”

A teen sex comedy girls can get behind with the best tagline EVER

Article: A teen sex comedy girls can get behind with the best tagline EVER

“How come there are so many movies about a teenage boy who wants to have sex and this is the only one about a teenage girl who wants to have sex?” Thank you! We’ve been wondering all our lives where decent depictions of young female sexuality have been. Apparently in Norway. We haven’t seen it yet, but by all accounts the Scandinavian film TURN ME ON, DAMMIT! — an adaptation of the Norwegian novel of the same name — is refreshing, honest and hilarious. The film won “Best Screenplay” at the Tribeca Film Festival, “Best Debut Film” at the Rome Film Festival and “Best European First Feature” at Mons International Love Film Festival. And critics have been singing its praises:

How to defeat zombies using sex toys

Article: How to defeat zombies using sex toys

One of our favorite sex toy retailers across the pond, Love Honey, really knows how to have fun with holidays. A few Halloweens ago they sent us a bunch of “Death by Orgasm” bullet vibes packaged in cute little coffins that we gave out to our Halloween Haiku contest winners (Lo also awarded one to the best costume winner at her annual Halloween party). This Halloween, they’re doing it again with a video series entitled “How to Defeat Zombies Using Sex Toys.” The production value is almost as good as…

The Virginity Project: a blog, a book, a play

Article: The Virginity Project: a blog, a book, a play

We first heard from Kate Monro a few years ago from across the pond when her Virginity Project was just a fledgeling little baby blog. Today, that blog, which collects and publishes first time tales of all sorts from all over the world, is shortlisted for the UK Cosmoplitan Blog Awards 2011. She’s also got a book out now based on the blog, ”First Times: True Tales of Virginity Lost and Found,” and this month her blog/book is being turned into a play at the…

The coolest presentation of sex survey results ever

Article: The coolest presentation of sex survey results ever

Lists of survey percentages can feel so blah on the page, even when they’re about sex. Not anymore! Introducing The Sexualizer 1000, an interactive visualization of the twenty-question sex survey results of 1,000 Brits. (And the fact that it’s about UK citizens only makes it slightly less interesting). The Sexualizer, an offshoot of the Sexperience website from the Channel 4 Sex Education Show, allows you to ask questions and follow each individual’s response:

A commemorative royal wedding "ring"

Article: A commemorative royal wedding "ring"

You’ve probably heard of the royal wedding commemorative refrigerator, the one with the huge honkin’ picture of William and Kate in an embrace emblazoned on the doors. Not exactly discreet. Well, now there’s something a little more subtle, with more humor, if not more class: The Commemorative Royal Wedding Ring (as in love ring, i.e. cock ring):

EuroPopped, for all your crazy European music video needs

Article: EuroPopped, for all your crazy European music video needs

Our L.A. writer friend Charlie Amter recently launched a labor-of-love blog called EUROPOPPED, what he describes as “a little epic sideblog” to “turn on more people to the crazy Euro music vids” he finds every day. And they ARE crazy. Or just foreign. Or maybe something is just getting lost in translation. Whatever the reason,…

Valerie Jarrett on gender parity

Article: Valerie Jarrett on gender parity

Rahim Kanani, a Research Associate for the Justice and Human Rights domain of practice at the Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations at Harvard University, recently conducted an in-depth interview in the West Wing with Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to President Obama and Chair of the White House Council on Women and Girls. They discussed the…

The world's gender inequality

Article: The world's gender inequality

The World Economic Forum recently came out with their 5th annual Global Gender Gap Report for 2010, which, according to Time magazine (Oct 25th issues), ranks 134 countries on “a percentage-based metric that calculates how much they have closed their gender gaps in education, politics, health and economic opportunity.”

The true size of Africa

Article: The true size of Africa

Kai Krause came up with this awesome map to help in the “fight against rampant Immappancy,” i.e. insufficient geographic knowledge: A survey with random American schoolkids let them guess the population and land area of their country. Not entirely unexpected, but still rather unsettling, the majority chose “1-2″ billion” and “largest in the world,” respectively.…

How Mr. Condom made Thailand a better place

Article: How Mr. Condom made Thailand a better place

We’ve got our TiVo hooked up to get the latest Ted Talks on our TV, so we were delighted to find Mechai Viravaidya’s presentation “How Mr. Condom Made Thailand a Better Place” in our “Now Playing” list recently. Viravaidya is an eloquent and funny speaker, which alone makes it worth watching the 14-minute talk. But…

Ancient dildo dug up

Article: Ancient dildo dug up

We’ve come a long way, baby. Check out this penis-shaped….shall we call it a “tool”? It was just unearthed in Sweden during an archeological excavation by the country’s National Heritage Board. Carved out of antler bone and probably dating back to sometime between 4000 to 6000 B.C., the dildo-like object measures 4-inches long without much, um, girth (which makes sense since people were a lot smaller back then). The scientists aren’t saying definitively what it was used for, but we know what you’re thinking: it was probably a tool for chipping flint, or better yet, a back massager to relieve stress.

One woman's tale of dying to give birth

Article: One woman's tale of dying to give birth

It’s reasonable to assume that, in this day and age of technological advances and common knowledge about good health, maternal mortality rates should be next to nil. But even in the United States, one of the richest countries in the world, it’s up at 13.3 deaths per 100,000 live births (in 2006), an increase from…

Boobquake roundup

Article: Boobquake roundup

If you haven’t heard of it by now, here’s the ten-second scoop: Iranian cleric blames the world’s earthquakes on women’s immodesty so Jen McCreight, a self-proclaimed “liberal, geeky, nerdy, scientific, perverted, atheist feminist trapped in Indiana” at Purdue, organizes Boobquake, a day (yesterday, April 26th, 2010) for women to wear their most immodest outfit (that they would would wear on any other given day or a night out) to scientifically (sorta) study if the cleric’s claim holds any water. Well, the media went bat-shit crazy for this, so here’s a round-up:

Sex at the Winter Olympics

Article: Sex at the Winter Olympics

The Olympics are such a noble event symbolic of international peace and camaraderie, that to bring sex into The Games would be a tactless move, expressing an outright distaste of taste. So….let the tactlessness begin! Apparently, lots of sweating, increased heart rates, and aerobic activity doesn’t just happen at the official events, but also in the Olympic Village — in the past, people have called it “an adult Disney World.”

Berlin brothel encourages johns to go green

Article: Berlin brothel encourages johns to go green

photo by Tony the Misfit

Urban Outfitters aren’t the only ones trying to make bicycles sexier. A brothel in Berlin, Germany, where prostitution is legal, is now offering discounts to customers who arrive by bike or a verifiable form of public transportation: 5 euros off a 70-euro 45-minute sesh.