Trompe l'oeil sidewalk

Article: Trompe l'oeil sidewalk

La ville molle (part III) from Raum Raum on Vimeo. There’s more than meets the eye to this sidewalk in France. Created by Benjamin Boré, this interactive trompe l’oeil installation appears to simply be just a slightly bulbous cobblestone sidewalk, except that it exhibits an almost quicksilver quality when someone steps on it. From the…

NOLA street art: Before I die…

Article: NOLA street art: Before I die…

Candy Chang created this cool, giant interactive piece of street art in New Orleans that transformed the side of an abandoned house into a chalk board. She explains: It’s also about turning a neglected space into a constructive one where we can learn the hopes and aspirations of the people around us. It turns out…

Interactive: Gloves of the World Series

Article: Interactive: Gloves of the World Series

The New York Times has an interesting interactive photo website of various fielders gloves from past World Series. Hover over any portion of a mitt to see a close up of that section. Above is Babe Ruth’s mitt from 1926. [ Editorializing alert] Go Giants!

Play with your own Google balls

Article: Play with your own Google balls

Remember the Google homepage that featured their logo as interactive bouncy balls? Well you can create your own with your own message on this website, which utilizes code that was written by Rob Hawkes. [Hat tip: @tcarmody]

Interactive 17th century painting

Article: Interactive 17th century painting

John Baldessari’s “In Still Life” project is freaking cool. It’s an interactive online experience that allows you to rearrange 38 different objects in Abraham van Beyeren’s “Banquet Still Life,” a 17th-century Dutch painting. “When someone completes their own still life using In Still Life 2001-2010 it becomes their own artwork,” says artist John Baldessari. “It’s…

Art light projection: Night Lights

Article: Art light projection: Night Lights

night lights from thesystemis on Vimeo. Art collective YesYesNo was commissioned to create and project an interactive light experience onto the Auckland Ferry Building. They explain: Our job was to create an installation that would go beyond merely projection on buildings and allow viewers to become performers, by taking their body movements and amplifying them…

8-bit NYC

Article: 8-bit NYC

The generations that grew up with the old school Nintendo gaming experience will particularly enjoy this interactive zoomable map of New York City created by Brett Camper that mimics the look and feel of the 8-bit video games from that era. Camper explains: 8-bit NYC is an attempt to make the city feel foreign yet…

Online piano

Article: Online piano

Play the piano online right within this recently posted single YouTube video. There’s been a growth of what I like to think of as dynamic YouTube videos and this piano is a great example of how people are adapting YouTube into a more interactive experience. Have fun, kids, and let me know if you want…

Raindrop melody maker

Article: Raindrop melody maker

Here’s your today’s bit of procrastinating fun: Click on over to Lullatone, a “raindrop melody maker” and create your own soothing ambient music by selecting different rain drops, each which produces its own sound that loops every six seconds.

Long distance tug of war

Article: Long distance tug of war

Ars Electronica Futurelab created Rope in Space, an interactive installation which puts a neat modern digital twist on the traditional game of tug of war. It permits players in two entirely different locations to play against one another. Rope in Space may be perceived by one as only a high tech super expensive version of…

Flight patterns

Article: Flight patterns

In collaboration with Wired, Aaron Koblin built this haunting and interactive Google Map of air traffic flight patterns in the US over a 24-hour period on August 12, 2008. You can zoom in and out, as well as filter and view the air traffic patterns-data collected by the FAA-via altitude, aircraft model, and manufacturer.

Ten Thousand Cents project

Article: Ten Thousand Cents project

Ten Thousand Cents is an interactive project involving thousands of people online around the world. A digital representation of a $100 bill was pieced together after “thousands of individuals working in isolation from one another painted a tiny part of the bill without knowledge of the overall task.” Each person was then paid one cent…