A glowing army in Hamburg, Germany

Article: A glowing army in Hamburg, Germany

In the wake of the Japan’s tsunami and subsequent nuclear meltdown disasters, people were extra skittish about the threat of radioactive poisoning (especially Lindsay Lohan, who promptly evacuated herself from Los Angeles even though her hair already looks like a victim of toxic fallout). To poke fun at our paranoia, art collective Luzinterruptus installed 100 “radioactive” figures in a field outside Hamburg’s Dockville Festival. The effect is surprisingly eerie, each figure outfitted in protective white clothing and lit from within. With their heads pointed at the ground, it appears to be a giant alien army advancing from the forest.

Anton Steenbock's "punk trap"

Article: Anton Steenbock's "punk trap"

Somewhat similar to the previously blogged tongue-in-cheek “Bridge and Tunnel trap” and “hipster trap“, there this trap by Anton Steenbock. “Punkerfalle” or Punk trap is a bit more austere with just a bottle of beer and a steel rope. And oh yeah, a huge tank to trap you for eternity. That beer better be good.…

Use large markers to color this mural

Article: Use large markers to color this mural

At Cincinnati’s YES gallery’s “Color Me _______ Exhibition” Andy J Miller and Andrew Neyer created this 24 foot long mural installation and invited the public to come and color it in using giant felt-tip markers. You can sign me up for anything that involves giant markers. [Via]

Art: Street lamp forest

Article: Art: Street lamp forest

I love this enlightened “Street Lamp Forest” installation by Sonja Vordermaier of “a collection of 30 european streetlamps from different origins and times.” It reminds me of a disorderly and smaller version of Chris Burden’s “Urban Light” installation at LACMA (which of course I had to jump in front of). [Via]

Interactive art: One Hundred and Eight

Article: Interactive art: One Hundred and Eight

One Hundred and Eight – Interactive Installation from Nils Völker on Vimeo. Nils Völker created “One Hundred and Eight,” a neat interactive wall installation made from common trash bags inflate and deflate giving it an organic quality. The artist explains: Although each plastic bag is mounted stationary the sequences of inflation and deflation create the…

The Dream Shop is open

Article: The Dream Shop is open

Lies Maculan has built the shop of our dreams, literally. Her Chelsea-based Dream Shop puts over 100 of our most common dreams on shelves in a 3,000 sq. ft retail-like space, as if they were available to purchase. There’s a trompe l’oeil at work however – the shelves and everything on them are 2D, Maculan’s specialty being photo-installations. At first glance, however, they’re convincingly real. The pile of bricks looks poised to topple over and the man with the briefcase and mop bucket looks as if he could walk right out of the walls – if that unfortunately hokey grin glued to his face didn’t give the illusion away.

Doug Aitken at Regen Projects

Article: Doug Aitken at Regen Projects

Doug Aitken isn’t any one thing. He’s a photographer, a filmmaker, a sculptor and an installation artist. Sometimes his work is completely tech-based and other times it’s hand-crafted. But the common thread evident in all his work is a fascination with and mastery of new media. Whether he’s projecting video onto the side of a…

Roxy Paine on the Roof

Article: Roxy Paine on the Roof

Whether you like Roxy Paine’s work or not, you probably want to touch it. You can’t help it. Since 1990, Paine has created irresistibly tactile sculptures, installations, and even the occasional painting (like the one with the paint literally dripping off the canvas) that almost always reference some aspect of the natural world. His latest…