Want to fight global warming? Start eating insects

Article: Want to fight global warming? Start eating insects

Animal agriculture has been on the climate change radar since (at least) 2006, when a report by the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization claimed that “the livestock sector generates more greenhouse gas emissions as measured in CO2 equivalent – 18 percent – than transport. It is also a major source of land and water degradation.” The common response to this news: eat lower on the food chain.

You probably understand “lower on the food chain” as “plants,” but Belgian entomologist Arnold van Huis has a different take on this phrase: he thinks more people should eat insects.

Dewy bug's life

Article: Dewy bug's life

Polish amateur photographer Miroslaw Swietek captures “resting” bugs while they are covered in tiny droplets of dew in a series of stunning macro photographs. The photos are fantastic, but I still can’t help but view these insects as the squeamish stuff of my nightmares! Look at all those eyes! [Via]

Insect flight patterns

Article: Insect flight patterns

Most of us walk past a lit street lamp at night without a second thought or glance, but filmmaker Charlie McCarthy not only stopped to look up, he also snapped 156 photographs of insects buzzing around the light. He then stitched them together to create this film set to Telefon Tel Aviv‘s “What’s The Use…