Green tech finds: Earthships and solar get affordable

Article: Green tech finds: Earthships and solar get affordable

Think “green tech” automatically means “expensive?” Nope: costs are dropping on everything from Earthships to solar power.

An affordable Earthship: I’ve been in love with the Earthship building concept for years, but no way I’d ever be able to afford one. That may be changing, though: the “Simple Survival” model Earthship is designed to provide the amenities of these self-sufficient structures without the “mortgage bondage.” Check it out above.

The illustrated guide to a Ph.D

Article: The illustrated guide to a Ph.D

My brilliant scientist friend Evan shared this link which I thought was just too good to not share and should be appreciated by those of us who spent some time in academia: Matt Might, an assistant professor at University of Utah, created this hilarious “illustrated guide to a Ph.D” to help explain to “a fresh…

Comparing apples and oranges

Article: Comparing apples and oranges

Tackling the adage, “comparing apples and oranges,” which is commonly used to express “the impossibility of comparing dissimilar objects or ideas,” the National Geographic with the assistance of Cornell University horticulturist Ian Merwin posted this neat infographic that attempts to actually compare apples and oranges.

March Madness by the numbers

Article: March Madness by the numbers

Aside from Chat Roulette, most of the country right now is obsessed with March Madness, the annual NCAA basketball tournament. GOOD Magazine shares this interesting infographic from Fast Company that explains how this tournament pays it forward.