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David David's and Glass Hill's simple geometry

Article: David David's and Glass Hill's simple geometry

Collaborations are becoming an increasingly common practice, making unlikely bedfellows of artists and car manufacturers and boutique textile-makers and big box retailers, and now, in what is perhaps an equally random pairing, fashion label David David and furniture designers Glass Hill. The single unifying trait they both share is their relative newbie status in their respective fields. That, and an attention to line and propensity for minimalism make them a perfect match for the recent commission from Phillips De Pury & Co. for their retail space in the Saatchi Gallery.

Toby Wong retrospective

Article: Toby Wong retrospective

Portrait made from dice by Frederick McSwain
Toby Wong was a Canadian designer I once interviewed for FULL FRONTAL FASHION. He was a product designer and a subversive artist. His designs weren’t for everyone. He made gold coke spoons cast from McDonald’s coffee stirrers and diamond rings, inverted, so the diamond point was on the outside. That design was called “Killer Ring” obviously. This New York Times slideshow is a great reference of his work.

It is Design Week in NYC this week and a retrospective called Brokenoff Brokenoff, in Toby’s honor, will run May 14-17. It’s a celebration of Toby’s work including many close friends’ contributions.

Hoer Board's DJ table

Article: Hoer Board's DJ table

Hoer Board’s DJ table is simply delicious. If Apple was a DJ equipment this is what their DJ console would look like. Missing are screws, wires, and general messiness of DJ set ups are replaced with this piece of furniture from the future. It makes me want to learn how to Dj, simply to have a reason to buy it. Which with a price tag of around $2,000 it better be a very good reason.

Making the Series 7

Article: Making the Series 7

Arne Jacobsen‘s Series 7 chair has always been a favorite of mine. Its iconic shape is playful and fun. And it’s surprisingly comfortable. The back bends back and forth with pressure. That’s no small feat for a wooden chair. I am very aware of the chair’s strength. To prove just how well it is made,…

Expanding table

Article: Expanding table

British furniture designer David Fletcher shows off his radially expanding table in this YouTube video. Spin it one way to expand it, and the other direction to contract the table. I wonder if the David listened to this song while he was constructing it…

Mad about Arad

Article: Mad about Arad

MoMA will be showing the first ever  major retrospective of designer Ron Arad in the United States starting August 2, 2009. The show will run through October 9, 2009 and will feature the Israeli industrial designer’s furniture, sculpture, and chandeliers for Swarovski, which display text messages from strangers that are sent to the lamps by incorporating light-emitting diodes. Regardless…

Design within reach (for a dollar)

Article: Design within reach (for a dollar)

The economic downturn has altered the zeitgeist and design students from Pratt Institute have responded. They recently showed off their unique creations at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair where they gained press attention with their “Design for a dollar” exhibit. As the name suggests, each student only had a single dollar to spend, but their…