CROSSETT: Small-town David vs. corporate Goliath

Article: CROSSETT: Small-town David vs. corporate Goliath

Environmental regulations kill jobs. If companies didn’t have to spend money on such nonsense, they could afford to hire more people. That’s a consistent narrative coming out of the right-wing media in this country, and one that’s heavily promoted by various nonprofit organizations funded by Charles and David Koch (aka the Koch brothers). The brothers and their company, Koch Industries, have also paid out millions in lobbying expenses and contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to politicians willing to fight various forms of environmental regulation.

Earthworms: Wiggly weapons against poverty

Article: Earthworms: Wiggly weapons against poverty

If you’ve ever gardened (or even if you haven’t), you understand that worms are great for your soil: they gobble up organic matter, and poop out nitrogen-rich “castings” that feed your plants. They’re also a great composting solution if you’re low on space: a small bin and some red wiggler worms can take care of the organic matter for most small households (and, once again, you’ve got plant food).

A (food) forest takes root in a (food) desert

Article: A (food) forest takes root in a (food) desert

How do you make a food desert bloom? The range of solutions to these urban areas without ready access to fresh food has included full-service grocery stores, farmers markets, and even small urban farms. All of these answers, of course, require someone (usually from outside the community) to make produce available. What if there was a way for food desert residents to just gather their own fresh food?

The Art of the Fund

Article: The Art of the Fund

We know times are drastically different in the world of film financing when suddenly fiction filmmakers are creating and mastering a new nifty little form: the fundraising video. For years in documentary, one first shot some footage and then crafted a “trailer,” used really as a funding pitch reel for both grant and private equity opportunities. In fiction, of course, this was never needed (“Let’s wait for the studio to cut a trailer once we sell this thing for a MAJOR profit!”), but times they have a-changed. Some of those studios don’t even … exist anymore.