Are U.S. filmgoers ditching the dreck?

Article: Are U.S. filmgoers ditching the dreck?

Now here’s a trend we can get behind: Mainstream movie audiences are increasingly turning their backs on cleverly marketed but shoddily made movies in favor of higher quality films.

Citing disappointing box-office results from middle-brow movies on which the big studios had pinned blockbuster hopes – remakes like THE WOLFMAN and THE A-TEAM, star vehicles like KILLERS with Ashton Kutcher and THE TOURIST with Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp, and sequels like SEX AND THE CITY 2 – and the surprising success of more complicated pictures like INCEPTION and THE SOCIAL NETWORK – the New York Times’ Brooks Barnes asserts that “studios are finally and fully conceding that moviegoers, armed with Facebook and other networking tools and concerned about escalating ticket prices, are holding them to higher standards. The product has to be good.”

Push This

Article: Push This

It’s a few months late, but here’s an easy button for the “IS THIS A DREAM?” sound from “Inception.” I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I can’t stop pushing it. It makes everything seem so dreamily dramatic. [Via]

Go deeper with memes of INCEPTION

Article: Go deeper with memes of INCEPTION

A follow-up to Perrin’s review of the summer hit film INCEPTION, which blew a lot of people’s minds and had them questioning and wanting to do a deeper dive. As a result, the film has inspired the Internets and produced many memes (one of which is seen above). I’ve compiled some of them here. Warning – there be spoilers ahead!



With THE DARK KNIGHT, Christopher Nolan established himself as a director with the ability to translate the artfulness of a film like MEMENTO into a blockbuster that packs equal parts action and story. Even with an ensemble case, THE DARK KNIGHT manages to retain a singular character study that remains the heart of the story, no matter how many explosions go off in the background.
Almost the opposite is true of INCEPTION, Nolan’s ‘break’ while finishing up the Batman trilogy.