Illustrated missed connections

Article: Illustrated missed connections

Since 2009, artist Sophie Blackall has been illustrating very artful and charming depictions of submissions on Missed Connections, one of my favorite time-wasting features of Craigslist. If you aren’t familiar with this subsite because you’ve been quarantined from the Internet in the past decade, it’s basically a message board for the hopeless romantic-optimists who were too shy to ask out a person when they initially saw them. Or as Sophie poetically describes: “Every day hundreds of strangers reach out to other strangers on the strength of a glance, a smile or a blue hat. Their messages have the lifespan of a butterfly. I’m trying to pin a few of them down.” This is nicer than what I like to tell them, “You’ll all be FOREVER ALONE!” Kidding.

Unpopular Science

Article: Unpopular Science

Based on supercomplicated physical observations, Einstein concluded that two objects may perceive time differently. Based on simple life experience, I have concluded that this is true. SunFiltered fave Christoph Niemann published his latest gem of insightful illustrations in his New York Times blog Abstract City. Titled Unpopular Science, Niemann depicts how “whether we like it…


Article: FULL FRONTAL FASHION highlights

Illustration inspired by the Chris Benz Fall/Winter 2010 collection, by Danny Roberts Think of this as your FULL FRONTAL FASHION cliff notes. Get an up-close look at legendary photographer Bert Stern as his brand-new spring 2010 campaign for Club Monaco launches. Don’t miss the latest illustrations from artist Danny Roberts, inspired by New York Fashion…

Senator, can you draw your state?

Article: Senator, can you draw your state?

Did you know that this week is “Geography Awareness Week?” To celebrate this occasion, National Geographic asked the 100 US senators to draw an outline of their home state from memory on a square approximately the size of a cocktail napkin and note at least three important locations or landmarks in their state.

It’s almost not fair that Senator Al Franken of Minnesota is included in this survey. As I previously mentioned here, we know Sen. Franken is an overachiever in this department, as he’s demonstrated that not only can he accurately draw his homestate but a complete map of the United States as well. Anyway, check out his and a few other senators’ efforts (including my home state!) after the jump. View rest of the drawings here.

Views out the window

Article: Views out the window

Italian artist Matteo Pericoli convinced 63 notable and prominent New Yorkers including Stephen Colbert, Mikhail Baryshnikov, and Junot Diaz (seen above) to permit him to illustrate the window views from their homes or offices for his new book “The City Out My Window.” Am I the only one that thinks only Baryshnikov could get away…

Music video for "I Got Opinions"

Article: Music video for "I Got Opinions"

Greg Johnson’s music video for his catchy single “I Got Opinions” from Seven Day Cure takes the viewer on a fun animated “down-the-rabbit-hole journey” through a plethora of trippy and whimsical landscapes. I really enjoyed the different animation and visual styles employed throughout the video, which was the result of eight different contributing artists from…