Hipster animals

Article: Hipster animals

Artist Dyna Moe illustrates different stereotypical subsets of the “hipster” demographic as anthropomorphic animals over at Hipster Animals. They’re all so cute and spot-on that I couldn’t figure out which of Moe’s animals to feature here, but I think “Trust Fund Asshole” fox is my favorite.  He’d be quite the party animal. [Via]

Drawing "All the Buildings in New York"

Article: Drawing "All the Buildings in New York"

Think of James Gulliver Hancock’s ongoing project “All the Buildings in New York” as the ink and paper Google Street View. An illustrator and world traveler, Hancock drew his way from Australia to France, England and the US before finally settling down in NY. In his notebooks he documented each city’s prevailing motifs, like rain in London and rooftops in Paris.

"Comics Stripped" at The Museum of Sex

Article: "Comics Stripped" at The Museum of Sex

The problem with live-action porn (okay, one of the many problems) is that it’s difficult (okay, it’s difficult for some) to forget that the actors on screen are somebody’s son or daughter, and could potentially be suffering from any number of issues (drug abuse, poverty, mental problems, bad taste) that got them in the biz…

Happy time with Antonio Ladrillo

Article: Happy time with Antonio Ladrillo

Recently I’ve been gushing over the smile-inducing illustrations of Antonio Ladrillo. The Spanish-based artist is the ‘guest poster’ this week at art blog It’s Nice That, where he discusses his upcoming projects as well as his poor spelling, his disappointment in art school and how a fried egg changed his life.

His illustrations show a clear affinity for bright colors, big, playful shapes and a childlike enthusiasm and simplicity that translates into his t-shirts, album covers and plain old works on paper like posters, flyers and his limited edition Robin Hood pamphlet. Check out his work and be prepared to smile.

Michel Gondry's "My New New York Diary"

Article: Michel Gondry's "My New New York Diary"

A page from Doucet’s 1999 ‘My New York Diary’
In 1999, graphic artist extraordinaire (with quite possibly the coolest website intro page ever), Julie Doucet, published My New York Diary, the illustrated story of her spontaneous move from Canada to New York City. Like all of her work, it’s candid, funny and completely engrossing, and it earned her a devoted fan base that includes director Michel Gondry. But just being a fan wasn’t enough for Gondry, who recently collaborated with Doucet on My New New York Story: A Film Book. What was originally supposed to be a short film directed by Gondry and starring Doucet and her drawings – which would be animated later by Gondry to make the setting – turned into a book/DVD companion piece about the process of making the film itself.

"Do it yourself" doodler project

Article: "Do it yourself" doodler project

David Jablow received a novelty “draw in the blank” doodle pad from the 1960s. It came with 38 blank pages featuring this woman and Jablow decided to draw in all of them and share the amusing results with the Internet. His style reminds me a bit of R. Crumb’s comics. See all 38 “doodles” on…

The fight for armrest supremacy begins!

Article: The fight for armrest supremacy begins!

Christoph Niemann’s latest illustrated piece “Red Eye” in the New York Times pokes fun at the familiar hassles of flight travel (fighting for armrest real estate and bad food), but with an injection of Niemann’s unique sense of humor that is punctuated by his sketches. Speaking of airplanes, have you seen this Salvador Dali inspired…

The Boys of Bushwick

Article: The Boys of Bushwick

I am loving Richard Haines these days. Via This is Fyf I stumbled upon the illustrator’s work. I immediately reached out to the artist to set up a portrait session at his NYC apartment, an experience I will document on Full Frontal Fashion in the coming weeks. I am beyond excited for my sitting. If…

Olaf Hajek, "Masqeurade"

Article: Olaf Hajek, "Masqeurade"

Last month Gestalten released “Flowerhead,” a collection of prints and illustrations by Olaf Hajek, one of the most successful artists working today. His clients range from corporate to creative, and of course the book includes illustrations made for no one but himself. What strikes you first about Hajek’s pieces is the craftsmanship. Not only that…

How to communicate with Christoph Niemann

Article: How to communicate with Christoph Niemann

If you read the New York Times blog “Abstract City,” then you know him by name. If you’ve ever looked at a cover of The New Yorker you’ve probably seen his work. And if you’ve done neither then perhaps you can at least appreciate when a bathroom is clearly marked “Men” or “Women;” If you do you share a fundamental principle with designer, illustrator and art director Christoph Niemann. Like a good comedian, Neimann’s deceptively simple designs have a way of presenting common knowledge in a new and interesting way. Of course, an intuitive sense of color and composition don’t hurt.


Article: FULL FRONTAL FASHION highlights

Tilda Swinton at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival Think of this as your FULL FRONTAL FASHION cliff notes. Check out a few of Lynn Yaeger’s favorite (and maybe not-so-favorite) looks from the wilds of Utah at the Sundance Film Festival. Could you pitch a no-hitter while tripping on LSD? Check out illustrator James Blagden’s hilarious…

Olaf Hajek, Flowerhead

Article: Olaf Hajek, Flowerhead

What does it say about the state of art today when we’re almost shocked when an artist says that their process does not involve digital media? Olaf Hajek, who’s more comfortable working in a hands-on “analog style,” is one such artist. Or is he an illustrator? Certainly he belongs to the school of artists who walk the line between client-driven work that is so true to his natural style that it’s difficult to label him as a commercial artist. Illustrative fine art? Honestly, who cares.

An illustrated story about coffee

Article: An illustrated story about coffee

I think it’s safe to assume that many friends and family of Sundance Channel and SUNfiltered are addicted to the delightful taste and the ritual of drinking coffee. As a sanity check, I myself recently downsized to a one cup per diem regiment. The whole eye-twitching from drinking too much coffee might have also had…

Architects are pigs

Article: Architects are pigs

My pal, the talented illustrator Steven Guarnaccia, has a new book out. The Three Little Pigs is an illustrated fable about, you guessed it, three little pigs. But, being Steven, these aren’t just any pigs. They’re Le Corbusier, Frank Lloyd Wright and Frank Gehry, the three most famous modern architects. The architects, um, I mean,…

Richard Haines for J. Crew

Article: Richard Haines for J. Crew

Richard Haines’ blog What I Saw Today takes streetstyle for a spin. There are no photos of the well-dressed gents he sees on the street, only sketches, a fitting combination of Haines’ background in both fashion and illustration.