Greener Consumption: The grow-your-own indoor edition

Article: Greener Consumption: The grow-your-own indoor edition

Your garden not doing so well? Neither is mine — this heat and drought have been brutal. Rather than bitching, though, those of us with yards might want to take a look at the practices and products used by people without them (or with really limited space) for growing ornamental plants and vegetables.

Build your own LEGO skull

Article: Build your own LEGO skull

This is just so cool: Clay Morrow created this LEGO skull. You can build your own by downloading the instructions provided here (pdf). Speaking of LEGO projects, check out this hack of an IKEA table decorated with LEGO bricks to give it a pixelated decorative design.

Green tech finds (8/26/10)

Article: Green tech finds (8/26/10)

Hemp cars, pedal-powered submarines, and lots of wave power… this week’s green tech finds.

Harnessing the surge: Finnish company AW-Energy is building a test plant in Portugal for its Waveroller concept, which “utilizes the so-called surge phenomenon found on ocean coasts.” (via Good News from Finland)
More wave power: Ocean Renewable Power Company is testing out the wave power potential for the US Coast Guard’s station in Eastbrook, Maine.

Green Furniture

Article: Green Furniture

Green furniture makes you and the planet more comfortable. Buying sustainable furnishings really makes a huge difference in your environment. Think of all the numberless materials that are required to make furniture, now imagine the pollution that would damage the environment if the materials were not harvested and made in a sustainable fashion. There are…

Fold 'N Go With Folding Bicycles

Article: Fold 'N Go With Folding Bicycles

TreeHugger has to be careful to contain itself when we get started talking about transportation by bicycle; in a perfect green world, everybody would do it, every day, and we think both the world and us as inhabitants would be better off for it. The world isn’t exactly a perfect one, sadly, and there are…