Top Portlandia Battles

Article: Top Portlandia Battles

Portlandia seems like a peaceful place doesn’t it? Well, underneath that calm exterior is a boiling cauldron of conflict & hysteria. We picked our favorite Battles for your viewing pleasure…



A couple of days ago THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 2 was released On Demand to viewers everywhere, who are apparently ravenous for the sequel. As to why, I can’t say, but then again I’ve never been a fan of bad horror films that specialize in bodily disfigurement heretofore completely inconceivable to me (even in my wildest imagination, people aren’t scurrying around butt-to-mouth). In fact, last night on Halloween, I was a little afraid I might see a human centipede chain creeping its way down 6th Avenue in the New York Halloween parade. Luckily, I was spared the sight and, for the first time ever, I was actually happy to see a gaggle of store-bought Mario’s and Luigi’s bumble down the block instead. I’m aware that I may be a little outnumbered in my repugnance, that a lot of people are actually titillated by the film’s catch phrase, “100% medically inaccurate,” and to that I’d like to add: 100% totally gross. If you…

THE ORGASM DIARIES and more love and sex in film

Article: THE ORGASM DIARIES and more love and sex in film

We noticed something called THE ORGASM DIARIES is playing on The Sundance Channel this Saturday at midnight. Sounds like a documentary, right? Turns out it’s a British indie film from last year about a couple who’s private naughty photographs become pornographic art-world hits, which turns their relationship upside down. Knowing that, the title becomes a bit more dubious. But Indiewire said it “captures the essence of young love.” It gets a 50-50 rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which sounds a lot less damning when you realize that’s only out of 8 reviews. Could be a fine late-night alternative to Skinemax…?

Sneak Preview: THE LEDGE

Article: Sneak Preview: THE LEDGE


Unique Release Continues Mission of Pioneering
New Distribution Methods to Reach the Widest Audience

New York City (May 6, 2011) – SundanceNOW, a new online destination to discover the best of independent film, announced today that the controversial Sundance thriller, THE LEDGE, is sneak previewing on SundanceNOW.com before it becomes available in theaters and On Demand marking the first time IFC Films has premiered a film online. THE LEDGE is a sexy, suspenseful, thriller that premiered at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival in the U.S. Dramatic Competition. It is directed and written by Matthew Chapman and stars Charlie Hunnam (SONS OF ANARCHY), Liv Tyler, Patrick Wilson, Terrence Howard, and Christopher Gorham (UGLY BETTY). The film is produced by Mark Damon and Michael Mailer. THE LEDGE premieres on Wednesday, May 11th at SundanceNOW.com.

THE LEDGE is available for $12.99 on SundanceNOW prior to its pre-theatrical video-on-demand launch on May 25 on cable, satellite and digital platforms. The film is then going to have a theatrical premiere on Friday, July 8.
Jonathan Sehring, President of Sundance Selects/IFC Films, said: “THE LEDGE is a provocative film with a shocking conclusion that will really get people talking. It is exactly the kind of film that will work well on multiple platforms and gives us a great opportunity to expand on our mission: bringing independent films to the widest audience possible, utilizing all the platforms available to us. We continue to believe that the audience for our films is best-served by bringing films to them via the electronic art-house circuit we have created and continue to innovate as well as via the traditional theatrical art-house.”

“These days, there are many new and innovative ways to distribute a film, and new techniques are constantly evolving. IFC is at the forefront of cutting edge independent distribution, and we love that they are trying something new with THE LEDGE,” says producer Mark Damon.

Adds director Matthew Chapman, “We sold the film to IFC Films because we knew they would help us reach the widest audience possible and this unique release strategy does just that. THE LEDGE is a film that is designed to get people talking and thinking and a sneak preview on the web is a great way to start the conversation.”

One step can change a life forever in THE LEDGE. After embarking on a passionate affair with his evangelical neighbor’s wife (Liv Tyler), Gavin (‘Sons of Anarchy’s’ Hunnam) soon finds himself in a battle of wills that will have life or death consequences. Gavin, an atheist, is lured by his lover’s husband (‘Insidious’ Wilson) to the ledge of a high rise and told he has one hour to make a choice between his life and the one he loves. Without faith in an afterlife, will he be able to make a decision? It’s up to police officer Hollis (Howard) to save both their lives but the clock is ticking in this edge-of-your-seat film that will leave you gasping until the final frame.

CRUDE Legal Defense Fundraiser at IFC Center: Tuesday, June 22 at 8pm

Article: CRUDE Legal Defense Fundraiser at IFC Center: Tuesday, June 22 at 8pm

CRUDE (Legal Defense Fundraiser) Tues, June 22 @ 8 pm IFC CENTER Q&A w/ director Joe Berlinger, attorney Maura Wogan, Morgan Spurlock, Michael Winship (WGA East) Tickets are $16 (all proceeds go to Berlinger’s legal defense fund) Tickets now on sale | More info To support Berlinger’s legal defense fund and shine additional light on…

Never meet your idol (unless his name is Elton John)

Article: Never meet your idol (unless his name is Elton John)

From left to right: Josh Sapan (Rainbow Media), Martin Katz (Prospero Pictures), Lynne Kirby (Sundance Channel), Sir Elton John, Evan Shapiro (IFC/SUN), Mala Chapple (Sundance Channel) Sarah Barnett (Sundance Channel) and David Furnish.

I usually have a rule: If you love someone’s work NEVER meet them. Seriously – I’ve suffered too many disappointments over the years. And really – if you know someone’s a walking septic tank – how can you enjoy their work afterwards? It’s like Pearl Cleage wrote in Mad At Miles, “How can you celebrate a genius in the face of a monster?” But this week has proven the rule wrong. Twice. First Danny, now Elton John.

Last night, Rainbow Media and the Sundance Channel held a big dinner at the Stein Erickson Lodge and my Tiny Dancer was there (he executive produced SPECTACLE ELVIS COSTELLO WITH… along with David Furnish) with hubby David Furnish – who once came to my 30th birthday party with Cornelia Guest at the Sunset Tower. He didn’t remember, but who cares? I got the pics to prove it!

The Revolution is Being Televised, But When Will it be Streamed?

Article: The Revolution is Being Televised, But When Will it be Streamed?

Steven Soderbergh doesn’t care where people see his films—big screen, small screen—just as long as people have a chance to see (and, presumably, pay for) them. To that end, he has struck a deal with IFC Films, the distributor of his two-part biopic CHE, to release the film via video-on-demand. “We’re kind of blocked out…