99% Conference – making ideas happen

Article: 99% Conference – making ideas happen

“If you’re reading this, it’s because you feel passionately about making ideas happen. It’s because you understand that the creative process isn’t just “Eureka!” moments, it’s a lot of “how do we solve this?” and “oh shit!” and “what next??” moments. It’s because you recognize that the magic of creative achievement really happens down in the trenches, knee-deep in doing.” It’s 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration: that’s the concept behind the 99% Conference.

Random brainstorming tool

Article: Random brainstorming tool

Hit a creative wall? The Brainstormer is there to the rescue! Andrew Bosley created an online flash spin wheel that will spit out random suggestions from three categories. You can spin each category individually or click on the “random” button to let the programmed chance of fate automatically provide suggestions. This is a great easy…

David Horvitz's ideas for 2009

Article: David Horvitz's ideas for 2009

For a year long project, David Horvitz has been publishing imaginative and nifty DIY artsy ideas and suggestions that often make me chuckle.