A Q&A with Will Forte – Part 2

Article: A Q&A with Will Forte – Part 2

To celebrate the launch of DreamStates, last week I got on a call with Will Forte while he drove to Mt. Rushmore. We discussed puffins, SNL, and of course, his dreams. Part One was yesterday. Part Two is below.

You’re not on SNL anymore?

I left SNL in the summer and moved back to Los Angeles.

But you were just on this past weekend with Elton John?

Just for that sketch. That was so exciting to have Tom Hanks play my brother. He is so fun to be around.

Are you working on new movies?

I just got done with a movie Tim and Eric. It is called Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie. I was in Palm Springs wearing a moustache. I love wearing a mustache.

A Q&A with Will Forte – Part 1

Article: A Q&A with Will Forte – Part 1

To celebrate the launch of DreamStates, last week I got on a call with Will Forte while he drove to Mt. Rushmore. We discussed puffins, SNL, and of course, his dreams. Part One is today. Part Two will post tomorrow.

Hi Will.

Hi! I apologize in advance as I am 7 miles from Mt. Rushmore. I’d pull off but I think the park is closing soon! So this is the best time to interview me. I am so energized about getting to Mt. Rushmore. It’s taken me 40 years to get to this part of the country so I just had to get to see Mt. Rushmore.

I was just in Iceland last week and your DreamStates episode is all about puffins. So it’s appropriate we’re talking. I assume Iceland is where you came in contact with puffins?

Yes. Yes that is where. I went to a festival there and it was a weekend long event that was amazing. During this festival whole families stay up the entire night and there were puffins all over the island I was on. So we saw these puffins everywhere and then at night all around the tents people would be snacking on puffins! And I was a little sad as they seem like these cute birds. But then I heard they had a nasty side.

So you didn’t come in contact with their nasty side? It was all second hand information?

Yes, it was all second hand.

Have you seen the YouTube video of Gordon Ramsey catching puffins and snapping their necks?

No, puffins!?

Yes, if you Google “eating puffins” you’ll find this video of Ramsey catching puffins in nets and then snapping their necks!

No wonder they have this bad attitude. They’ve gotta have this attitude to survive.

Conversations with Icelandic designers

Article: Conversations with Icelandic designers

While in Iceland a few weeks back I was charmed by the fashions. They were quirky and a little offbeat. I tracked down two of my favorite designers there and asked them a few questions. Read below for more:
Sigr√≠√įur √Āsta √Ārnad√≥ttir

Describe your design philosphy in three words?

Recycle, redye, reuse

Who wears your creations?

I guess you must have a sense of humor … but also a nostalgic inclination.

On traveling to Bjork's homeland

Article: On traveling to Bjork's homeland

Angie Grant was a friend of mine in 9th grade. She had a blunt-cut died black bob and wore black and white striped tights with black Creepers. She stained her lip cherry red and idolized The Cure’s Robert Smith.

At 15 Angie had found a look. She’d created a strong visual that invited ridicule and attention. I admired her greatly. And when i found out a few years back she’d died a little piece of me too also left this world.

I was thinking of Angie Grant this past weekend as I traveled to Iceland for the first time. Angie gave me Bjork’s album Debut when we were high school kids. And it changed my world. It was one of those crystal-clear moments when you easily look back and remember finding a new world.

They do eat puffins

Article: They do eat puffins

Inspired by Iceland Video from Inspired By Iceland on Vimeo. On a whim a few weeks back my friend David and I booked a 3 day trip to Iceland. We both have a love of design, oddities, and natural wonders so we figured our curiosity would be satisfied in spades there. And with a 5-hour…

Celebrating Bjork

Article: Celebrating Bjork

Bjork and Ennio Morricone received the 2010 Polar Music Prize from Sweden’s King Carl XVI Gustaf earlier this month. The award is not just recognition but also comes with some cash, 1 million kronor ($136,000). Bjork sat in the audience looking like a glam doll. The highlight of the evening were the three musical performances honoring the Icelandic songstress. Swede Robyn tackled the opus “Hyperballad.” Ane Brun did a convincing reading of “J√≥ga” and “Human Behaviour” was reinvented by Wildbirds & Peacedrums.

Olafur Eliasson plays architect

Article: Olafur Eliasson plays architect

Photos by Osbj√łrn Jacobsen
The Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Center in Reykjavik has remained merely a proposal for decades, but now, after Iceland’s recent economic collapse, plans for construction are finally underway and 300,000-square-foot performing arts venue is slated for completion next May. Henning Larsen Architects, who just won a major award for their Zaha Hadid-inspired aquarium in Georgia, took a decidedly more straight-edged approach with their design for Reykjavik’s East Harbor district.

Eyjafjallajökull volcano round-up

Article: Eyjafjallajökull volcano round-up

The Boston Globe’s always excellent photojournalism blog Big Picture has a gallery of 35 breathtaking photos of Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull volcano which erupted last Friday, April 16 and whose impact continues to reverberate still as European travelers find themselves stuck with flights canceled. This natural disaster is unfortunate for a country struggling with a disaster of a decidedly man-made cause: namely financial collapse, as Iceland emerged as the poster child of the global financial crisis as a result of the country’s bad investments. In light of the volcanic eruption which spread ash all over Europe, some cried that they wanted “cash, not ash!”

As it does with any recent newsworthy item, the blogosphere predictably has its own contributions to the water cooler discussion of this volcano.