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I AM LOVE – Now in Theaters

Article: I AM LOVE – Now in Theaters

I AM LOVE starts out with a set up Shakespeare would approve The Recchi family: Emma (Tilda Swinton), her husband and their three grown children as well as various other family members host a birthday dinner for the Recchi patriarch, Edoardo. During his toast, Edoardo announces that the successor to the Recchi textile factory is not only Tancredi, Emma’s husband, but also their eldest son Edoardo Jr. Aside from a slight raise of his eyebrows, Tancredi’s surprise is never expressed. Edoardo Jr. seems to have other things in mind his future (something about a construction contract in relation to the Tate Gallery) but this too is overlooked. In fact, the father-son feud that introduces the film is never brought up again and neither is the family business until it’s casually sold off after Edoardo’ s death.