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Weekly movie trailer roundup: THE RUM DIARY vs. FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS

Article: Weekly movie trailer roundup: THE RUM DIARY vs. FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS

Thirteen years ago, Terry Gilliam teamed up with Johnny Depp and Benicio Del Toro to make a film based on Hunter S. Thompson’s acid trip of a book, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Now, Depp stars in yet another adaptation of an uncontrolled substance-induced Thompson binge, THE RUM DIARY. Depp plays a journalist out on assignment (sound familiar?), but instead of Del Toro as his sidekick, Depp’s swarthy drinking buddy is played by Michael Rispolo, who gets bonus points for a nicely grown-in beard and what appears to be excellent comic timing. He’s in Puerto Rico this time, back before the U.S. planted a Starbucks and a McDonald’s along the main plaza. As far as I can tell from the trailer (I have not read the book), the plot line is somewhat more coherent than Gilliam’s 1998 Thompson adaptation, which is not to say it looks better. It goes like this: Depp drinks the hotel mini-bar dry, has a few laughs with a comely blonde (Amber Heard) and tries to expose Aaron Eckhart and his cohorts for a corrupt, possibly government-related scheme that receives little elucidation in favor of the more colorful, rum-soaked scenes they’re using the to sell the movie.

Watch this: Hunter S Thompson and Hell's Angel biker on TV talk show

Article: Watch this: Hunter S Thompson and Hell's Angel biker on TV talk show

Unearthed from the time capsule, the CBC, Canada’s national public broadcasting channel uploaded to YouTube this televised segment from a 1967 talk show of an angry Hell’s Angel gang member confronting a smoking Hunter S. Thompson following the publication of his book “Hell’s Angels.” It sure was a different time back then: the studio audience’s…

Read The Book

Article: Read The Book

We are continually told that Sundance is for the filmmakers. True enough, but at Dolly’s Bookstore on Main Street it is also for the authors. Right next to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory – in case reading makes you hungry – Dolly’s takes advantage of the film festival by stocking up on film books and roping in authors for signings and readings. In recent years, producer Christine Vachon A Killer’s Life, Roger Ebert and others have showed up with their books. Manager Sue Fassett sets out to find literary connections the minute the Festival issued their line up.

2008 Sundance Documentary Competition

Article: 2008 Sundance Documentary Competition

These films represent a broad section of new documentaries by American independent filmmakers. From examinations of the American political system and the country’s use of natural resources to explorations of cultural development and intimate portraits of legendary artists, these films represent a thematic and artistic variety. This year’s 16 films were selected from a record 953 submissions. Each film is a world premiere.

The films screening in Documentary Competition are…