Jennifer Lawrence: Fashion player beyond HUNGER GAMES

Article: Jennifer Lawrence: Fashion player beyond HUNGER GAMES

(Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

It’s always exciting, and sexy, to watch a star break away from the pack. This generation’s budding bombshell is Jennifer Lawrence, who is poised to capture hearts everywhere with the release of THE HUNGER GAMES on March 23rd. If there are people still unfamiliar with her, that’s soon to change. At 21, she already graced the cover of Vanity Fair’s 2012 Hollywood issue, has an Oscar nomination under her belt for WINTER’S BONE, and engaged in a fictitious rivalry with the reigning queen of young romance, Kristin Stewart. It takes a rare combination of talent, beauty, and style to accomplish all that. But the natural blonde-turned-brunette can make a side ponytail look effortlessly attractive, or an up-do irresistible. Jennifer’s sophisticated fashion choices makes heads turn, blogs tumble, and tweets… re-tweet. Check out how her style has evolved below and in our Career Evolution: Jennifer Lawrence.

Weekly movie trailer roundup: TWILIGHT vs. HUNGER GAMES

Article: Weekly movie trailer roundup: TWILIGHT vs. HUNGER GAMES

I might be the best, most impartial judge around when it comes to a face off between Twilight and The Hunger Games, and their respective movie adaptations. I’ve never read the books, never seen any of the movies and never harbored a secret crush on any of the actors – for real (sorry Taylor Lautner, I know you’re kind of a big deal with pre-teens and their moms, but I just don’t get it). I do know the basic story lines, though. One’s got vampires and werewolves and shit, and the other one’s got sci-fi teenagers fighting to the death in a gladiator-meets-Tron kinda deal. Those are the obvious things, but do you wanna know the other major difference? One looks like it suuuucks…