Green tech finds: the Quirky edition, 8/25/11

Article: Green tech finds: the Quirky edition, 8/25/11

Next week, the new series Quirky debuts on the Sundance Channel. We’ve featured lots of quirky ideas in the weekly green tech finds posts over the past two years, so in anticipation of the show I thought I’d go back to some of our most innovative (or, at least, most unusual) finds. And if you’ve just got to have the latest, we’ve got a few new ones, too.

Green tech finds: 8/4/11

Article: Green tech finds: 8/4/11

Would you live in an old Hummer? Could solar power be available even when the sun’s not shining? These and other questions answered in this week’s green tech finds.

Harvesting ambient energy with paper antennas: Researchers at Georgia Tech are experimenting with pulling electromagnetic energy from the air with “antennas” printed on paper with inkjet technology. (via Grist)

Biodegradable sneakers that sprout flowers: Amsterdam-based OAT Shoes creates sneakers that not only biodegrade in soil, they even have wildflower seeds embedded in the tongue, so you can add to your garden once the shoes are worn out. (via Yahoo! Green)

Green tech finds (6/2/11)

Article: Green tech finds (6/2/11)

Mini electric Hummers, solar-powered prisons, and the climate risk posed by biodegradable products… this week’s green tech finds.

  • Autodesk meets sustainability: Design/engineering software suite Autodesk has now added a tool that allows users to generate environmental impact assessments of their creations.

  • Biodegradable products may not be climate-friendly: Turns out that biodegradable disposable tableware and such may have a real downside — the creation of methane in landfills (most of which aren’t set up to capture the potent greenhouse gas). (via @conservationval)

Futurama in Central Park

Article: Futurama in Central Park

Recently artist Jeremy Dean “stirrup’d” New Yorkers and tourists in the Central Park area on Sunday, March 8 when he took his horse and buggy converted Hummer to the park for a ride. Watch the artist’s short video below for a brief explanation of the project and for some behind-the-scene clips of the making of…

Green tech finds (2/4/10)

Article: Green tech finds (2/4/10)

Hummer horse carts, cheap(er) wind power, and make-you-own toilet paper machines… this week’s green tech finds.

  • Sony adds to its green cred: The VAIO W Series laptop and Aspen phone both feature power saving and recycled materials. (via

  • Trash to energy in Milwaukee: Developer Alliance Federated Energy announced Project Apollo, a trash-to-syngas project planned for the city’s North Side.

Cops, Park City

Article: Cops, Park City

One way to understand the festival is to try to see it through the eyes of the local police. Park Record, the local newspaper, provides just such an alternative view in their police blotter [].

A few of the week’s highlights include… More after the jump.