Hugo Boss Prize

Dollar dollar bill y'all

Article: Dollar dollar bill y'all

photo by Jason Schmidt
When conceptual artist Hans Peter Feldmann revealed what he would do with the $100,000 award money that accompanies the annual Hugo Boss Prize, critics were split between those who thought it seemed like an obvious, even hammy approach and those who “wished it could be on permanent display.” Recipients of the prize are expected to use at least part of the hundred-grand towards a new work, but so far no one has dedicated each and every dollar of it in the way Feldmann has – using it to line the walls of the Guggenheim. And while he could have easily obtained $100,000-worth of brand new bills (much more easily, in fact), Feldmann’s $100,000 wallpaper is made up of only used bills. It’s not enough to line the entire rotunda, it’s more than enough for the second-floor gallery, where it will be on display until November 2, 2011.