Hugh Hefner

Film Intelligence: Batmen of honor

Article: Film Intelligence: Batmen of honor

Every week there are dozens of film news stories. We read them all and bring you the five most important ones in the single most important blog post you’ll ever read (today [at this moment]). This week: Batman returns, Rush Limbaugh attacks, and Hef makes a big play.

Quentin Tarantino doesn't know what he's in for

Article: Quentin Tarantino doesn't know what he's in for

On December 1, Quentin Tarantino will get roasted by a bunch of inglourious so-and-sos at New York’s Hilton hotel, and I’m betting big bucks he’ll be a totally broken man, ready for the human trash heap, by the end of it. After all, Friars roasts are those splashy affairs where costars, comics, and “friends” take the podium to decimate you with personally attained humor and hilarious potshots gleefully derived at your superstar expense.

Answering the Proust Questionnaire

Article: Answering the Proust Questionnaire

There were two things that forced me to subscribe for years now to Vanity Fair: Dominick Dunne’s column and the Proust Questionnaire. Now that Dunne has died the first thing I do is flip to the last page of Graydon Carter’s magazine to see who answered those questions. I am never let down. To celebrate…