Naked News: The HPV Edition

Article: Naked News: The HPV Edition

We’ve been writing about sex and sexual health for more than a decade, and HPV still makes our heads swim. It’s such a complicated subject — complicated further by the emotional and political climate surrounding the vaccine — and guidelines on HPV seem to be constantly changing. It’s been in the news a lot lately, so we thought we’d review some of the latest headlines.If you want to brush up on the facts, check out the CDC’s HPV page here. And you can review everything we’ve published on HPV here.

Naked News: In space, safe sex may be the only kind of sex

Article: Naked News: In space, safe sex may be the only kind of sex

Sex in space? Maybe. But scientists still aren’t sure that reproduction works in the microgravity of space.
Economists say adult circumcision is not the most cost-effective anti-HIV tactic.
Study finds that moderate exercise makes middle-aged women feel better about themselves, while intense work-outs make them feel like shit.
New York considers Medicaid for transgender surgeries.
The rape definition in federal crime statistics is too narrow, critics, say.

Naked News

Article: Naked News

If only most adults were as smart about sex ed as this 14 year old from Gloucester, Mass (home of the rumored 17 Pregnant Girls “Pact” last year). We’re guessing Bush and Cheney won’t take credit for the recent loosening of sexual mores in the Middle East. After talk of a ban, bikini waxing is…