LEGO Victorian houses in decay

Article: LEGO Victorian houses in decay

Mike Doyle is constructing Victorian style houses in decay out of LEGO bricks. The result as seen above is pretty impressive. He also shares the behind the scenes work that goes into each house on his blog. [Via]

Novel theme: women running from houses

Article: Novel theme: women running from houses

Women Running From Houses is a blog devoted to book covers, many from “60′s and 70′s Gothic romance novels,” which depicts women running from houses. The woman behind the blog, who analyzes in depth each cover she features, explains, ” So that I don’t drive my husband too crazy (or distract him too long from…

100 abandoned houses

Article: 100 abandoned houses

Kevin Bauman photographed 100 abandoned houses in Detroit, creating a somewhat spooky tableau of the current recession. He writes: 100 seemed like a lot, although the number of abandoned houses in Detroit is more like 12,000. Encompassing an area of over 138 square miles, Detroit has enough room to hold the land mass of San…