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Five gourmet hot dogs

Article: Five gourmet hot dogs

American Joey Chestnut won the annual Fourth of July Coney Island hot dot eating contest by beating his rival Japanese Takeru Kobayashi for the third year in a row in record setting fashion. Chestnut gut-bustingly consumed 68 hot dogs to Kobayashi’s 64 1/2. Congrats to Chestnut, however if you care more about quality over quantity,…

Giant photography

Article: Giant photography

I talked about giant stuffed animals and ginormous trophies. Now how about these manipulated oversized high heels, eggs, and hot dogs brought to you from the imaginative lens of photographer Petros Chrisostomou who “takes objects with which we are all too familiar with – a high-heeled shoe or two, some eggs, a head of blonde…

Unique hot dogs

Article: Unique hot dogs

Tomorrow is Fourth of July, a holiday devoted to a whole lotta patriotism, defending our planet against alien invaders, and lastly consumption of hot dogs. Most of us will just go with the boring dog on a bun with mustard, ketchup, and if feeling adventurous, maybe some sauerkraut. Well, if you’re looking to venture beyond the hot dog norm this year, here are 10 crazy variations that will either inspire or make you gag…