Tinseltown and the American Dream in STAR MAPS

Article: Tinseltown and the American Dream in STAR MAPS

As long as they’ve been making movies in Hollywood, Tinseltown has represented the American Dream, where anything can happen for those who reach high enough. Scores of nobodies arrive in Southern California each year hoping for their lucky break, inspired by the stories of those who built multimillion dollar careers from nothing. In STAR MAPS, premiering on Wednesday at 8P and airing throughout the month, our hero travels to Hollywood in search of a new life, only to find something very different.

Photos: Best/Worst Dressed at The Oscars

Article: Photos: Best/Worst Dressed at The Oscars

The movie industry’s biggest night went off with a bang on Sunday. With the Academy Awards ceremony to start and rollicking after-parties going late into the night, Hollywood was at their best and worst. Check out the photos.

Oscars: Best/Worst Dressed photos

Top ten Hollywood dream couples

Article: Top ten Hollywood dream couples

Okay, most of the people in this article are not couples, let alone gay. A girl, however, can dream and fantasize because the imagination is a wonderful thing where everybody is gay and nothing hurts. I’m no matchmaker, but I personally think these couples would be absolutely fabulous together, and perhaps just putting it out there to the cosmos will get a few of these fellas moving on up to the other side. I’m kidding. I’m the best matchmaker–me and Paul Rudd are perfect for each other!

Top 10 Hollywood Hot Messes Who Need a Gay Best Friend

Article: Top 10 Hollywood Hot Messes Who Need a Gay Best Friend

Nobody provides water cooler fodder than the hottest hot messes in Hollywood. We love ‘em to little bits and crushed-up, little, prescription medication pieces simply because they can’t seem to stop…screwing up. Lindsay posing in Playboy? Like Marilyn? Again? Courtney Stodden is getting her breasts examined on national television? I don’t get it–does bleach leak into your brain? Of course, instead of dipping into the schadenfreude we could be real pals and get these ladies and gents some help…in the form of a gay man, of course. Nothing says intervention quite like one of our beloved gay boyfriends telling us to wake up and smell the vodka all over our clothes!!

Glamour of the Gods

Article: Glamour of the Gods

Back before tabloid photography played such a major role in shaping the reputations of the Hollywood set, actors relied on real photography (i.e. the posed, carefully lit, artfully angled, softly focused studio portrait) to promote themselves. Far more than just a headshot, these portraits had a major impact on an actor’s career. Take Jean Harlow. She went from being an uncredited bit plater to a stunning leading lady opposite James Cagney in THE PUBLIC ENEMY – virtually overnight – as the result of a particularly good portrait. Harlow was just 20-years-old and fresh off the bus from Kansas City, but under the lens of master photographers like George Hurrell and Clarence Sinclair Bull, she was transformed into the blonde bombshell we know her as today.

Hollywood stars in Japanese commercials

Article: Hollywood stars in Japanese commercials

Although famous actors don’t like to broadcast it, for one to protect their public image, they often go overseas to star in silly commercials, especially in Japan. Thanks to YouTube this is no longer a secret. In fact it was a plot device used in LOST IN TRANSLATION where Bill Murray’s character “Bob Harris” finds…

Black Cat open call, 1961

Article: Black Cat open call, 1961

A friend recently complained to me: “Matt, you don’t post enough cat-related things on SUNfiltered.” So here’s a pawesome photo for all you cat people: for the film TALES OF HORROR, which would feature three short Edgar Allan Poe stories including “The Black Cat,” an open casting call was held for the role of the…black…

Eight Sequels We Never Want To See

Article: Eight Sequels We Never Want To See

It’s been the most sequely, prequely, shmequely summer since the last one, proving that the studios really need to start drawing the line before any more grating spinoffs spin into our psyches and wallets.

Here are the sequels that should be forbidden by law from ever getting the green light into harsh reality.

1) Precious 2 (based on the novel by blah blah blah).Our girl Precious is full of newfound confidence, having become extremely literate, well rounded, and popular. Even her meds are kicking in big time. Zzzz.

2) Shrek 5. Remember Shrek 4, where the title ogre got his wish to basically go back to Shrek 1 so he could—without any contrivance at all—meet all the other characters all over again? Well, this time, he’ll want to go back to Shrek 2!

Why Screenwriters Deserve Your Pity

Article: Why Screenwriters Deserve Your Pity

The more I learn about the richly textured lives of big-time Hollywood screenwriters, the more I want to stay a trashy little gossip wretch in Murray Hill. Even if you get your screenplay green-lit, the studio will surely change it from a quirky romantic comedy to a superhero prequel in 3D, though the star will inevitably take charge at the last minute and instead make it a futuristic rock musical set in an oil spill. They’ll fire you, hire you back,then kick you out of the premiere party. If they call you for another meeting after it bombs, it’ll only be to pick your brain so they can rip off your ideas and give them to a more “commercial” writer who’ll make that one bomb too. And even if you still manage to make a hit of yourself, like multi-million man Shane Black (Lethal Weapon, The Last Boy Scout), you’ll have to go into hiding for years to avoid the hideous backlash and nagging self doubts that accompanied your whopping paycheck.


Article: FULL FRONTAL FASHION highlights

Johnny Weir at the Independent Spirit Awards In an exclusive interview with FULL FRONTAL FASHION, Johnny Weir talks about Hollywood fashion, meeting Elton John, and his possible career in fashion. Elizabeth finds love — in African-print lace-ups from a company called Osborn. … Speaking of love — don’t miss this weeks Fashion Love Story with…

Sean Hayes comes out, d'oh!

Article: Sean Hayes comes out, d'oh!

One of the gayest actors of all time (Sean Hayes), who starred as one of the gayest characters of all times (Jack), on one of the gayest TV shows of all time (Will & Grace), has come out of the closet. You know, many years after his TV show has gone off the air.

It’s Hard to be Old, White and Rich in H’Wood These Days

Article: It’s Hard to be Old, White and Rich in H’Wood These Days

PRECIOUS stars Mariah Carey and Gabourey Sidibe, at the Independent Spirit Awards Wow. The last couple of days have been a BLUR… Friday were the Independent Spirit Awards – which rocked. For some reason the gods decided to bless me and my date, Estee Lauder Pres. John Demsey, and sit us front and center with…

Run-DMC on Broadway

Article: Run-DMC on Broadway

It was only a matter of time before hip-hop made its way to Broadway. Many a musical act, from the Pet Shop Boys to ABBA, have translated their records from radio to stage. Run-DMC seem poised to follow with some big name Hollywood types getting behind the concept. They have all the makings for a…