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13 Ways Of Looking At Sundance

Article: 13 Ways Of Looking At Sundance

While everyone talks about the Sundance Film Festival, anyone who has been here quickly realizes that there are many festivals, or, at least, many ways of looking at it.

Just as Wallace Stevens found “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird [www.writing.upenn.edu],” here are 13 perspectives on the festival.

Update: Sweet Mud

Article: Update: Sweet Mud

UPDATE: SWEET MUD gives a captivating look into close knit communities in Israel and how rigid life was in the 1970s. Read more info about this film and discover why Hollywood Reporter says: “This is a film from the heart, from a firsthand familiarity that yields conflicted emotions over the gap between an ideal and its realization.”

Update: Past Is Prologue: Historical Documentaries

Article: Update: Past Is Prologue: Historical Documentaries

UPDATE: James Greenberg from the Hollywood Reporter reviews NANKING: “Indispensable, beautifully crafted account of a little-known Japanese massacre.” It had its limited theatrical release in December 2007.

Update: A Sad Sight: Iraq At Sundance

Article: Update: A Sad Sight: Iraq At Sundance

UPDATE: GHOSTS OF ABU GHRAIB had an exciting year with its nominations for three Emmys including: Outstanding Directing, Picture Editing, and Sound Editing for Nonfiction Programming, and winning the Emmy for Outstanding Nonfiction Special. “Not only does the film thoroughly and skillfully explain the context in which something as heinous as Abu Ghraib could happen, it attempts to understand the psychology of those involved.” – James Greenberg (Hollywood Reporter)

Columbia Day

Article: Columbia Day

While UCLA and NYU have traditionally been the powerhouse film schools, this seventeen films at Sundance were made by either Columbia University [wwwapp.cc.columbia.edu] Students or Alumni. In The Hollywood Reporter [www.hollywoodreporter.com], programmer Trevor Groth pointed out that the eight Columbia short films make up about 10% of the Shorts program…