Best of the Web: A wooden iPhone & delicious, cheeseburger wrapping paper

Article: Best of the Web: A wooden iPhone & delicious, cheeseburger wrapping paper

A Wooden iPhone: Artists Kyle Bean and Thomas Forsyth created this charming wooden iPhone with removable block buttons for the December cover of Computer Arts. I’m increasingly convinced that there’s an untapped market for primitive versions of modern gizmos (remember the Victorian Kindle?).

Write a haiku, win a sex toy

Article: Write a haiku, win a sex toy

Over on our home base blog we’re running a contest to give away the Oden, a brand new, luxury, wireless remote-controlled, vibrating couples’ ring from Lelo. But we figured, hey, the holidays are upon us, why not spread the (potential for) love and open it up to all you fabulous SUNfiltered readers? The Oden is part of Lelo’s new Insignia line of pleasure objects that allows you or your partner to control the sensations wirelessly with just the tilt of a hand. Yes, iPhone and Wii technology has finally made it into your bedroom. It goes for $179 – so here’s your chance to score big with little effort and zero cash!

Unique hot dogs

Article: Unique hot dogs

Tomorrow is Fourth of July, a holiday devoted to a whole lotta patriotism, defending our planet against alien invaders, and lastly consumption of hot dogs. Most of us will just go with the boring dog on a bun with mustard, ketchup, and if feeling adventurous, maybe some sauerkraut. Well, if you’re looking to venture beyond the hot dog norm this year, here are 10 crazy variations that will either inspire or make you gag…