Top 10 dictator movies

Article: Top 10 dictator movies

Sacha Baron Cohen, aka the Baron of Questionable Taste, is releasing his third opus in far-flung tomfoolery this week. THE DICTATOR follows the USA-bound travels of a heavily-bearded, thoroughly misogynistic tyrant modeled after… take your pick. You most probably have heard about this by now – what with Cohen’s shenanigans at the Oscars and a trailer featuring Megan Fox in bed, it’s hard not to be aware of him even if you’d really, really like to be. The question, however, is this: is THE DICTATOR coming to us a few years too late? Remember – the downfall of both Hussein and Gaddafi are history, especially when we have things like [insert name of favorite reality TV show here] to care about. Or, is this movie going to be just plain awesome?

Michael Jordan's Hitler Mustache, Part 2

Article: Michael Jordan's Hitler Mustache, Part 2

The stink over “The Hanes” (see previous post) continues to waft in the air, Jordan.  Ashton Kutcher  was aghast on Kimmel. Even old pal Charles Barkely got into the act,  dialing out  a full court beat down that extended well beyond Dwayne Wade and his usual fave five.  But beyond the celebrity backlash, Johnny Mainstreet…

Hitler as the face of AIDS

Article: Hitler as the face of AIDS

A new AIDS awareness-commercial, released last week online in Germany, uses a strong and familiar image to give a face to the AIDS virus. Adolf Hitler appears as a woman’s lover in the spot that reads “AIDS is a mass murderer.” It’s a ballsy move, that the organization Rainbow is willing to take.  Jan Schwertner,…