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Bush, Cheney Ruin One Last Election (for McCain)

Article: Bush, Cheney Ruin One Last Election (for McCain)

As we enter the final 24 hours before finding out who will inherit the cataclysmic mess they left behind, let us pause to reflect on the two men that have so significantly shaped the electorate and, indeed, the country as a whole: George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. First, we must find George W. Bush…

Eleventh-Hour Name Calling

Article: Eleventh-Hour Name Calling

Dave the Dentist, Tito the Builder, Joe the Florist, Phil the Bricklayer and Pam the Republican Teacher are just a few of the characters John McCain has met in his own great schlep through Central Florida the critical battleground states of Ohio and Florida. While Sarah Palin is running around spouting keywords like “terrorist” and…