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Federal Ghost Fleet Illegally Polluting San Francisco Bay

Article: Federal Ghost Fleet Illegally Polluting San Francisco Bay

The federal agency in charge of more than 70 decaying naval vessels stored in northern San Francisco Bay is illegally polluting and storing hazardous waste in the bay, a federal judge ruled Thursday.

INSIGHTS: No Let-off Until Zero Discharge

Article: INSIGHTS: No Let-off Until Zero Discharge

NEW DELHI, India, December 2, 2008 (ENS) – A few years ago I wrote about a textile town called Pali, in the state of Rajasthan, which had completely toxified its seasonal river Bandi with industrial discharge. Then, I said the real story was not about pollution but about the anger of farmers whose agricultural lands…

Sham Mississippi Hazwaste Operator Jailed

Article: Sham Mississippi Hazwaste Operator Jailed

NATCHEZ, Mississippi, February 7, 2008 (ENS) – Dennie Eugene Pridemore had been paid to take millions of pounds of hazardous waste containing the toxic heavy metals cadmium, chromium and lead and recycle it into marketable products at his facility in Yazoo City, Mississippi. But instead he buried the wastes in trenches and produced products that…

Alcoa Will Dredge Columbia River for Toxic Sediments

Article: Alcoa Will Dredge Columbia River for Toxic Sediments

OLYMPIA, Washington, December 10, 2007 (ENS) – The Washington State Department of Ecology Friday announced an agreement with Alcoa that has the aluminum giant cleaning up more than 95 percent of polluted sediments from the Columbia River next fall. The agreement will be finalized when the cleanup action plan, being developed this winter, is complete.…

Great Green Holiday Presents

Article: Great Green Holiday Presents

In order to lighten your load of holiday shopping, we organized some green [www.sundance.tv] gift-giving ideas. Designer Spotlights For the Kids: Q Collection Junior [www.sundance.tv] Q Collection Junior provides a cute line of children’s furniture, bedding and accessories, while using sustainable [www.sundance.tv] materials and manufacturing. All of Q Collection Junior’s cotton is 100% organic [www.sundance.tv].…

Designer Spotlight: Hase Weiss

Article: Designer Spotlight: Hase Weiss

Kids furniture is one of those things where going green really makes sense; you want the best for your child, and you want you kids to be healthy, right? You never know what kids are going to get their hands on, or what they’ll put in their mouths and chew on, so it follows that…

E-Waste is the Problem: What's the Solution?

Article: E-Waste is the Problem: What's the Solution?

E-waste is a problem that is as pervasive as the electronics that cause it. For every cell phone, PDA, iPod and laptop or desktop computer, there are hunks of heavy metals and carcinogenic toxins that don’t belong in a landfill (where they can leach into the groundwater, soil or air) or in contact with people…

How Green are Fireworks?

Article: How Green are Fireworks?

For 231 years, the United States has celebrated the nation’s independence (and its birthday) on July 4. For many of those years, many of us have celebrated by shooting off fireworks or otherwise blowing stuff up. Put in those terms, it seems like an odd way to celebrate, so we got to wondering: how green…

A Closer Look at Leather: Part 1

Article: A Closer Look at Leather: Part 1

With green fashion firmly in the rear view mirror, we wanted to take a closer look at something used in apparel (and furniture, luggage, accessories and more) that’s always generated controversy: leather. Whether it’s animal right’s activists who think we shouldn’t harvest the hides of our bovine friends, or those who think we should use…

Designer Spotlight: Q Collection

Article: Designer Spotlight: Q Collection

At TreeHugger, we embrace design as part of the solution to a healthier, greener, more livable planet; we all need stuff (though not too much) and all that stuff needs to be designed by someone; the more sustainability in incorporated into design, the better, and the better the design is, the more people will want…